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#1   2018-07-03 08:03          

Here's the fourth round of the r.o.t.m RP competition series.
July's winner will receive a Set of OZ BRETON in 17" or 18".

pic by pro models crew

Rules: * Max 1 car per user - Max 4 pictures per car.
* Detailed Spec list
* HAS to be a car u allready use in your rp!
* After submitting here - feel free to post pictures in "Show off" threads.
* Photoshop, ENB and any kind of post-editing are allowed(anything as long as it suits your RP).
* Do not edit your post, edited posts will be considered as cheating and will not take part at the final voting.
* Car that attended earlier ROTM Comps are banned except they went through proper makeovers!

Submit your pictures until 25/July/2018(midnight GMT).

Good luck!

* ROTM winners will take part at ROTY 2018 comp.


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#2   2018-07-04 18:32          

1992 Nissan 240SX Chuki

(The 1JZ-240)

Engine: Swapped 1JZ-GTE
Transmission: 5-speed MT
Colour: Orangeish red , Black

Modifications :
1JZ-GTE Swapped (tuned to 394whp)
Tuned AEM Ecu
Fortune Auto Coils
Complete new suspension
17 inch Panasport wheels
350z brakes in the front , Z33 brakes in the rear
Trust Gauge Kit
Defí Boost gauge
Nardi steering wheel
Custom made exhaust
Koyorad radiator
Clear Tail lights
Pioneer stereo
Defí tachometer
Custom floor mats
Custom bride interior
Bride Gias Bucket seats
Drift handbrake
Vertex shifter
New front bashbar
Bn-Sports bodykit
New Rollcage (not mounted)

I want to put some pics of the interior , but i can't because of the rules.

My Personal RP : *LINK*


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#3   2018-07-06 11:04          

1993 Nissan Skyline HCR32

RB25DET Swap(Unknown Power)
Big Turbo
Custom Air Intake
Unknown Intercooler
Unknown Muffler
White Color
Vertex Body Kit
SSR Longchamp XR-4
Recaro Bucket Seat
Pink Tsurikawa
Stock HCR32 Wing(Black)



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#4   2018-07-11 12:50          

1991 Toyota GX81 Cresta

Greedy Street Suspension
Koyorad Radiator
Enkei 66 66 Wheels 17"
Shotgun Muffler

2x ROTM 2018 :)