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# RocketBunnyS13 : Thanks a ton guys!

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Hey fam! It's been a while since I've updated my progress on the car, been busy these past weeks hehe.

So yeah, long story short I drove the C-REX (Yes that is what I have affectionately named it hahaha) to Suzuka Circuit in Suzuka from Tsu. It was a cool 24 minute drive, apart from the anxiety of the car breaking down on me, but thankfully, it didn't do that at all.

In fact, it held up well and took a beating! PLUS, I got to drive the car home with NO problems whatsoever! I know, it's a miracle HAHAHAHA

When I got there, I paid the registrar 3,900 yen (V$39) to rent the track for half a day, got briefed with the rules and guidelines, and prepared my driving gear.

Drove the car out on the track for testing. Did 2 slow laps around to familiarize myself with the grade changes and corners.


I started pushing the car harder and harder, gradually building the engine up to that glorious peak of 160hp, coupled with an 8,000 RPM orchestra. VTAKK yo!

But after about 5 laps of pushing the car I realized what needed to be done to the suspension, had to re-align for toe (toe-in rears), and adjust the suspension dampening, with softness biased to the rears in relation to the slightly stiffened fronts to avoid the bit of fishtailing I've been getting at the corner entry.

But I was like nah, a few more laps should get me used to it.

SO I did just that. And sooner or later, this started happening.

Inner tire smoke caused by a combination of understeer and compensation which led me to dip said inner tires into the grass a bit!

Tried to get my act together and push it even harder (which probably wasn't the best of ideas). That led me to this.


So I finally visited the pits and did the respective adjustments. Voila! Instant improvement. Not the best, but I sure felt the difference.

Much better traction and feedback from the car throughout the rest of the day. After a couple more laps and minutes, I decided to take a rest and cool both myself and the car down.

Got to let the car rest under the cool shade of the pits haha, here's a photo.

Then right before I left, I managed to snag some still pictures on the track while there were no people.

And that marks the end of my track day session with C-REX, as well as the beginning of my 30 minute trip back home, starting with this mandatory gas station shot B)

Oh yeah! P.S. Got to sell the CR-X stockies to a local for 10000 yen (V$100). Also got to close a family court case and got paid 450,000 yen (V$4500)

Nice and clean Ride sir! I suggest : Push me gentle!