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before i start this thread ill give you all the specs you may need to refer to:
GTX 1050 Ti
Slrr Light Edition (made by SLRR.JP)
and this enb: *LINK*

I recently built my pc and converted my slrr onto the new computer. I've tried multiple enb's besides this one but I always get something blurry and messed up or the shaders just dont work at all. (ex: *LINK* )
If anyone can help me sort out this enb problem that would mean a lot.

EDIT: same thing happening but with coprone's 1st version of his enb *LINK*

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This means that enb does not have access to the depth buffer so the dof effect thinks everything is homogeneously in the distance or very close to the camera (the depth buffer is full white or full black).
If you are forcing AA through your driver no general postprocess injection will have access to the depth buffer.
But with enb you will get blurred UI even if you manage to get it to work (this requires (after disabling forced AA) a specific version of the gta sa enb d3d9.dll and non-tinkered-with slrr exe (I dont really know which though))
You should consider using the slrr adapted reshade
and if you prefer the mainstream slrr aesthetic: