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Here they sell and buy parts of Toyota Corolla AE86 (It does not matter if it is levin or trueno, or if it is hatch or coupe), If you need some part talk to me or write it here, that the more possible is that we have it.

Clarification: Not all parts are new, some are used, others are replicas, everything depends on the stock that has, and the money that is willing to pay

The parts that I have in the inventory are:
Engine 4AGE BlueTop stock (4 units)
5-speed gearbox (8 units)
Differential Self-locking (5 units)
Door panels and rear panels (9 complete combos)
Air Conditioning System (6 combos)
Front End Levin zenki (16 combos)
Front end thunder zenki (6 combos)
Front end Thunder Kouki (9 combos)
Front end levin kouki (10 combos)
Radiators in good condition (20 units)
Doors (driver and passenger) (35 Combos)
Luggage compartment door (Coupe) (38 Units)
Luggage compartment door (Hatch) (26 units)
Door Glasses (20 units)
Windscreen (24 units)
Glass of rear luggage compartment door Hatch (20 units)
Hood (30 units)
Steering wheel (Some orignals, others of aftermarket) (40 Units)
Chassis AE86 Hatch (Without anything, in good condition, Ideal for project) (28 units)
Chassis AE86 Coupe (Without anything, in good condition, Ideal for project) (34 units)
Black Top Head Cylinder (6 units)
Silver Top Head Cylinder ( 7 units )
4A-GZE Supercharger kit ( 9 combos )
Among other things


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Juan, once again, stop making useless topics.. You can't open a shop right now as you nowhere near required post count and etc. How many times we need to tell you this ?


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