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# Ward : Damn it was a pain in the ass to finish this car but it looks so good

Thank you for helping me <3

# skip : Woah! Nice. Even got featured in a magazine.
Such good timing. I'm about to reveal my livery too.

YES. I'm so proud. I've just seen your livery and I freaking love it :3

# Weedz : Kinda miss the pink tho.. butt the livery looks soo mean. :D

TBH Same.. Maybe the next one I will change to pink again.. Thanks tho <3

# Soju : Damn! Looking so good!

Thanks a lot dude! :D

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- B U M P -

# Renaruto :
It is finally here... kind of

The S14 is almost through it's hotboi conversion. Visually it's almost fully done now. But I just can't wait to show you the state that it's in now. Ward and I worked really, really hard on this project and we even got D-Magic and PS Taka to help us with the livery. It was a really fun process and it made so much fun working with those guys! I learned a lot and I'm seeing forward to more projects.

But now more infos about what changed besides the livery

Actually.. Not much to be honest lmao. I bought a full D-Max Type III bodykit consisting of front, rear and sidekirts, front and rear fenders and a roof wing just to finish it off. Also exchanged my VS6s with some Kosei K1s because they fit this still way more in my opinion.

The project even got featured on a local tuning magazine!

On the mechanical side.. nothing really changed sadly enough (besides the new gearbox and the GT-R LSD that I mentioned in a previous post). Before anyone calls me a ricer - I'm currently looking into getting some more preformance parts for this thing.

Just wait.


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That's spicy af
//C o o l d o w n\\


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Nice nice nice. That livery deserves the feature!


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L O N E L Y - N I G H T S

Sup. Hope you guys all had some nice Christmas days (if you even celebrate it). Just wanted to throw these two shots in here as a little teaser so you know what you can expect in the new year... Let's just say the S14 finally got some proper mods ;)

^colleagues Mark II changed a lot^


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Oooh what's happening now?