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That engine have porn... :drool2:
Suppp, buds!
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simply sexy


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I appreciate for all of kind words, im also in love watching how my car changes day by day lol

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Well since my previous turbine has broken badly for no reason as soon as i started the motor,
our friends were working on this for weeks, a Trust TD06 25G.

Finding turbine itself was just matter of time since there were some ppl having fine condition td06 from their car.
But most of them were from 4bangers like Tiburon, Veloster, Elantra, or whatever it is called,
we had to look into 1jz-only exhaust manifold made to fit TD05,TD06,T67 turbos from Japan Auction.

Then HKS 650cc injector was also fitted newly.
so we are aiming to get reliable 510~550hp @23psi on high octane map,
which is enough to smoke some highway idiots with their Genesis Coupe. (but my jzx is drift-use so nvm)

~ Finances of past days ~
Sold the cresta : 7700V$
3x paychecks : 2250V$
td06 + exhaust manifold : 4000V$
injector : 1000V$
12927V$ - 5000V$ = 7927V$
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