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#401   2019-02-26 14:12          
# Sleepin mOnkey : Just dewit Fseries bimmer would be hella sick
as the current engine up :)

Added 28 seconds later:

# 11000rpm :

pimp my e36

I brought a pair of used Lancer EVO IX Recaro seats for 800V$ this time.
No leathers torn out yet, sits great with no single butt hurts.
Moreover, more comfortable full track day experience is possible with a cheap harness equipped around,
unlike my back bursting off, like i used to with full sized bucket seats.

I also bought a set of Advan AD08 in 245/40/r17 for 1000V$,
to be prepared for upcoming track day season in country.
Got this Advan from a online provider named 'Holy Shit Man'; sincerely recommended by Soju,
I've heard that provider is known for the most variety line-ups in tyres as possible from All-season to Semi slicks and it was real deal.
Lets give Soju a big applause! Many ppl are using him as their main tires source i guess..

Lastly as you can notice the front fender, issa exclusive Spoon Advan sticker which Mr.Lee has gave for 'dank' spoon vibes.
Umm...with the extra spoon vibes given by him, I have an urge to swap an Honda F-series. fak

P.S. New parts for S15 incoming :)

Paycheck 1x =940V$
Purchasements = 1800V$

12452V$-1800V$ = 10652V$


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#402   2019-03-24 16:58          
Sup forum! Sorry for a month of absence again, I was very busy preparing for an local gymkhana event held last week.
The gymkhana event was another good experience that could improve my driving skills apart from drifting.
But that doesnt mean I quit drifting at all; Im going to return to drifting upcoming Autumn again,
just like past years. You can ask Soju for the rest of gymkhana footage!

After the gymkhana event, I tried different setup on E36.
The ducktail trunk no longer exists! I traded the ducktail for a non-ducktail carbon trunk.
Also I got my rear wing back to the street;
I kinda won some kind of argument against Public Prosecutors' Office about running 'illegal' rear wing,
showing them there are tons of ricers with much bigger wing than mine, then they finally accepted my wing to be installed.

I removed rear diffuser aswell for different aero dynamic setup.
I might need it again in near future to hold the car tighter, so lets see lmao
And yea the indicator, some low-life prick stole left indicator so I instantly brought used one from near junkyard...
Which led the car look like odd-eyed. I found the odd-eye pretty unique, isnt it? haha.

S15 hasn't got any touches these days expect R34 rims that I borrowed from Soju.
It will serve as another 'pretty much dailable' car till I save lots of buck thats going to be poured on a car.



4x finances=3860V$
Left blinker=15V$
Gymkhana stuffs=180V$ incl. entry fee, tollbooth fee, etcs. (fuck, gotta buy spare tyres again)

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#403   2019-03-24 17:05          
Glad to see you again my man! :D
I've seen some gymkhana events at Tsukuba, they have their own course and I've seen some events whenever I'm not racing in the main course.
Must be a fun event, and quite useful for car control skills :thumbsup:

Also YAS THE LTW WING IS BACK! :bananajump:
And uh, I kinda like the clear indicator lights, might blend with the entire setup better but eh, it's your car after all :D

And S15 GANG YAAAAAAS :thumbsup:
Mine isn't running yet tho :))
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#404   2019-03-24 17:14          
I'll sort out some photos of the event soon when I have time :)

Still waiting for the S15!


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#405   2019-03-25 17:08          
The E36 continues to look like an absolute treat!
And the S15 is coming along nicely too
Good stuff my dude! :thumbsup:

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