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#361   2018-12-01 17:35          
# RocketBunnyS13 : OMG YESSSS S15 GANG YO! Lots of potential there!

Yes my dude haha, Im planning to go into non-drifty-FULL-11K-EXCLUSIVE style!
So umm, could you help me to source some aftermarket S15 parts? I can't seem to find any good here :(

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# Sleepin mOnkey : s15 is noizze good luck man

Thanks fam, been a while seeing you tho

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# 11000rpm :
Sup forums, so I finally joined S15 gang;
Bought an S15 Silvia for 8500V$ as a return gift from Jap squad(!),
that you'd never expect from me; Deep deep sedans fanboy.
Regarding that it's an non-domestic ride, I think I brought this at a reasonable price!
Buying retro JDM is going way hardcore here in Korea so why bother bringing one before it goes more expensive.

Looking at front bumper. previous owner had a lack of finance maintaining this ride.
Full set of Advan Model 5, infamous C-west wing, unknown aftermarket front fenders, and few other parts.
I understand guys who sells their car for lack of finances, uhm. (Of course Im half broken)

What, I seriously doubt if this is real, an Nardi with old school Nismo horn...
I've never seen that horn ever installed on any Nissan cars of Korea.
Maybe the most exclusive part of this ex-grassroot's project car?? :P

Well, this was how past days' were like.
I will try to post more of the S15 so stay tuned :)

~Finances Later~


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#362   2018-12-01 18:20          
Aye , another S15 on the forums ! What a great purchase , it looks so good m8 !

Sleepin mOnkey

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#363   2018-12-01 19:44          
# 11000rpm : Thanks fam, been a while seeing you tho

Yeah i've been a little off but now im back
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#364   2018-12-10 11:04          

After first few weeks of cruising hometown around with S15,
I found myself literally 'fell' in the car.
The Fujitsubo Legalis R installed previously is nothing but full of joy with crackles.

The exterior has been kept relatively clean despite previous owner's financial lack;
along with few OEM touches and achromatic colored window banner.
Furthermore, tbe unusual pink paintjob and unpainted stock bumper outstands from other cars around the town.
I dont know how long this paintjob will remain, lets see till the end lol

I will say the ride for few weeks were enjoyable but the flaws inside the car is another shitload of works.
From engine to running gear parts- Especially a lot of bushings that are rusted or wacked.
So another build note from 11K&Soju starts soon :))

I didn't keep the focus out of blue E36 aswell.
It relatively serves well as a daily driver-gymkhana monster even with aftermarket coilovers.
But I had to force detach the rear wing cuz of some ignorance ppl;
Some of them reported my E36 for having 'a big spoiler'(not that big, also legal in country) that led a drop-by to a place,
the Public Prosecutors' Office. This kind of unfortunate is always nonsense to us tuners...
lets see what those ignorants would say against the ducktail trunk...:P

Well that's all for today my dudes, we'll try to seek more!

2x paychecks : 1880V$
Bought S15 : 8500V$
Refueling for past days: 140V$
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#365   2018-12-10 15:44          
Ah man, bummed to see you have to put the spoiler off because of some angry idiots :facepalm: :(
I agree with you, the spoiler is not that big!
Did you try to defend yourself? I mean, you said it's actually legal in your place

On a brighter note, can't wait to see the S15's transformation! ;)
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#366   2018-12-10 16:27          
Thanks man!
yea I tried to defend myself with those statements you mentioned along with agreement paperworks from DMV.
If it werent my statements, my E36 would be impounded at somewhere! haha


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#367   2018-12-10 17:45          
Some people are just acting like jerks and it makes me angry and sad about it.

Well I couldn't understand that 11K's E36 wings were an issue since my Supra has much bigger wings and it's made out of carbon fiber.


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#368   2018-12-11 20:15          
OOOOOOOOOO FUJITSUBO LEGALIS R <3 Yeah sure if you need S15 parts I can hook you up fam!

E36 is in need of a CSL Style Trunk ASAP

s t a y c l a s s y


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#369   2018-12-11 22:28          
s15 is in the big wang gang