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#1   2017-08-02 16:41          
So i want to try and drift in slrr im using bb93 is there anything i need to change or do i need certain physics? Im only asking because im super confused


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#2   2017-08-02 17:02          
It really depends on the car, the control method and the car's physics, for example I'm easily able to drift in BB93's SLR:R, with 800-900HP and rear wheel drive, added to about 50 degrees of steering controlled using a XB360 controller. On a keyboard, 45 degrees is what I use. Also Light Edition is good for drifting.
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#3   2017-08-02 18:57          
Tyres are another issue.. try practicing with 'Hard compound' control tyres, you'll find it easier... even with less than 300hp.


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#4   2017-12-23 09:19          
use slrr editor, adjust it to 40-65 degree (mine is 60), and use mindelizz physics...
also get an engine with good amount of horsepower...
and don't forget about controller (i'm using ps2 controller)

i drifted with 2jz powered evo 6.. it's easy to pull it on
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#5   2017-12-23 09:53          
Try to edit Java files - Tires physics. Download this file, and put it to: (Your Slrr version)\parts\scripts\rgearpart\reciprocatingrgearpart\SRC
And don't forget to do backup's of reciprocatingrgearpart directory.

For Example:

if (RT == tcSUPERSPORT, or TcSport, or tcDRAGRADIAL, depends what tires you use in game for drifting) // supersport tyre //
rubber_rigidity = 0.750;
load_mul = 0.800*load_mul2;
min_rollres = 0.004*roll_res_mul; // tyre: depends on contact patch
friction = default_fric/rubber_rigidity; // tyre: static friction (compound efficiency)
sliction = 0.760*slic_mul; // tyre: slip ratio (sliction*friction = slipfriction)
frictn_x = 3.000; // tyre: longitudinal friction and sliction * ratio = horizontal friction and sliction
loadsmooth = 0.250;
compound_label = " soft compound racing tyre";
police_check_fine_value = 50.0;
} else

tcSUPERSPORT - Class of your Tires.
rubber_rigidity = 0.750; Very usefull. the smaller the value, the higher the contact.
you also can edit friction and sliction.
p.s. rubber_rigidity = 0.050; for drag tires makes you car go 5 seconds on VTECK.
good luck to your experiments.


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#6   2017-12-23 09:59          
- SLRR Light Edition
- Drift mode : Medium
- profit

You can drift with stock suspension/tyres/engine etc. It's really easy to get good drifts with low-powered engines like the SR20DE or 4A-GE. Good luck and have fun !

Added 10 minutes later:

oh , I forgot to mention. I drift with a steering wheel. It's really fun , you should try it if you have one. :D

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