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By first i would like to say thanks to everyone that's apreciating the build

And now let's talk about the skyline well at wendsday i was just looking for some parts for my car and jumped into a gtr bumper at craiglist's wich i couldn't resist to get it only 100 bucks and i spent another 50 for the light, and damm he looks incredible. the other mod i got the inpiration from the next day when i stopped side by side to an r35 and the guy started reving that hell made V6 wich was way louder than my RB afther half an hour i got an custom single stainless steel pipe for each turbo and now i am looking for that kid so i can show what's the real power of the old figher LoL and in the future maybe could race it LoL-Pt2. Then i got today those sexy Gt-r wheels on that i got from Soju and they definetely fit the look i am going for. to finalyze the package i installed the only part that i got with the car my friend sent me some universal butterfly door conversion that he's making and i cant lie about those Ricy doors i just love they even some guys hate.


Bumper and lights -V$150
Wheels -V$400
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