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#41   2017-07-09 01:28          

Start of the end.

Hi everyone, just ended up with summer project.

Car was like 3 days on street and in this time someone stole part of chrome line and chrome mirror.
Don't know why they hadn't stole a whole car.
i had already installed k-style mirrors, but i install them wrong so they now is useless.
Also i had installed front lip, wrapped rear doors, tinted 2 hedlight, taped 2 others and bought rear bumper.
But you know install rear bumper it's a old school sh*t.
And i'm making here fresh sh*t.
So i just throw it in a place where war panel for speakers before with some metall stick that was stolen wrom junkyard.
Forget about 2 door cards, they was cheap so i bought them.

That is rear left, also got front left in same style.




rear bumper:-5V$

dors cards:-15V$

words on front windshield: priceless


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#42   2018-02-01 17:23          

First update this year

I would start from mu summer project and as you could predict car is dead.
About the ruby, car is doing great, exhaust done, but i don't know which way project should move.
here summer photos, car now at parking, don't wanna ruin condition.

About my missile,car is gone real mad. btw car at park too.

And last, my winter car, only car i use now. Car isn't done now,


Due my vodka addiction, some mods, and other car i'm steel at same level.


hope next update don't going to be in 2019


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#43   2018-02-01 19:44          
this is the best and probably most realistic roleplay thread i have ever seen on vstanced. please continue this thread, it keeps me entertained lol.

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#44   2018-02-01 20:57          
шсе машины хороше :D / nice cars :D
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#45   2018-02-01 21:45          
6 months between two posts, holy god, that's next level of realism

ps: the builds are pretty damn good too :D
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#46   2018-02-02 08:33          
nice pic


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#47   2018-02-02 11:15          
now that is committed rp LOL
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#48   2018-02-18 16:35          
lol, here is tip, if you want feedback just simply do 1 post in 6 month, btw i'm very happy with it, thank all of you guys.

Winter update.

Couple of weeks since last post, i was very busy not because of building my winter car, because of driving it.
It's took like 3-4 days for build up the car, cause i don't really need to many mods for winter, and with god's help most parts fitted bolt on.

The biggest mod i done is instaling the rollbar, i did it dye to reglaments, cause i building this car fistly to take part in competitions, and secondly to carry parts.
Also i throwed in an bucket seat, cheapest one i managed to get and fake nardi wheel.

About the visual part.

So there is a VFTS front lip, and fenders, actually i had a rear fenders too, but i don't sure should i install them, and i gonna need to add spacer on rear then.
About suspension, is close to stock, had a bit cut stock springs, stock shocks, and cheap mod on front to extend steering angle, and spacers.
Wheels is my old vsmpo from 2105.


-VFTS kit:-29V$
-Fake Nardi:-56V$
-Turbotema rollbar:-264V$
-Suspension mods:-27V$
-Salary for 2 weeks:+940V$