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Start of the end.

Hi everyone, just ended up with summer project.

Car was like 3 days on street and in this time someone stole part of chrome line and chrome mirror.
Don't know why they hadn't stole a whole car.
i had already installed k-style mirrors, but i install them wrong so they now is useless.
Also i had installed front lip, wrapped rear doors, tinted 2 hedlight, taped 2 others and bought rear bumper.
But you know install rear bumper it's a old school sh*t.
And i'm making here fresh sh*t.
So i just throw it in a place where war panel for speakers before with some metall stick that was stolen wrom junkyard.
Forget about 2 door cards, they was cheap so i bought them.

That is rear left, also got front left in same style.




rear bumper:-5V$

dors cards:-15V$

words on front windshield: priceless