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list the specs and ect


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Vehicle name:Nissan Silvia S14



Engine:Nissan V6 (VQ35DE)

Transmission:stock 6-speed RWD

Color (interior/exterior):stripped/Black


List of options/add-ons:
-forged 17” Volk TE37 w/ Continental medium compound street tyres
-Wisefab suspension w/ Drift tuned Tein coilovers
-Rocket Bunny wing
-Brembo 330mm brakes w/ 6 pistons calipers
-Completely stripped interior
-Full 6 point rollcage
-Momo steering wheel
-OMP Design 2’s
-VQ35DE swapped w/ Wieseco high compression pistons (11:1).
-336 HP @ 7500RPM
-247ft-lbs @ 3500RPM
-Straight pipe exhaust w/ custom tips
-10mm Spacers on All 4 corners

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My rp cars :
1991 Nissan 180SX Hatch (SR20DET , Stance Proyect)
1999 Toyota Aristo (2JZ NA , 220 HP , Automatic , Daily driver)


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Get Nvidia inspector
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