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#1   2016-03-15 18:20          
Hello everyone, I am Richard and I thought of a neat ideea to share everything in one thread, basically here is where you list your 1/4 time, I will keep editing this post with the shared 1/4 times, you have to post your original build thread so we can see your parts list or what was done to it. Also you need to share a picture of your time stamp thingy ((Drag times on the top of the screen))
Original thread:
Wheel Horsepower:

((This thread is COMPLETLY In Character and I am asking you to keep it as much as possible and try to go OOCly as little as possible. Also you shall not modify your cars more than the RP build is (IE. put another engine in) which falls under the rule of "Powergaming".))


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#2   2016-03-16 04:53          
Name: Harrison15
Car: Toyota Supra N/A automatic (JZA80 1993)
Time: 14.186s (proof)
Original thread: Harrison15's Roleplay Thread
Wheel Horsepower: ~190WHP (232BHP)
Plate: Arizona regular "CKN4758"

The Supra also ran a 5.8s 0-60, which is interesting; that's faster than stock. I think this car's transmission might have a shift kit with it or something.

...I'm going to be modest here and not mention the R33. :morncoffee:


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#3   2016-04-15 18:58          
Name: Matt
Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR (1998)
Time: 14.364
Original thread: Matt's thread
Wheel Horsepower: 288
Plate: Ontario "CZQA 483" Which is not currently installed for legal reasons, so I have a temp paper in the window...

I drove back to the parking lot, quite pleased with the time I made on my temp wheels...


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#4   2016-05-29 08:48          
Name: ATOM500
Car: Toyota Starlet "Tempe Mendoan Phase 1"
Original Thread: V$ ATOM500 Builds
Wheel Horsepower: ~200WHP (235HP)
Plate: "TMP - MNDN" New York City

The Starlet also ran 0 to 100 in 4 seconds :)