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Cars are looking super clean, congrats on the new additions as well! Can't wait to see what's in store for the 180sx and the Y33!


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# marcus915 :
thanks! i'm very happy with it and i can't wait to take it out on the track.

I MISS MY ZN6 TOO OKAY. Also more photos of S15 coming right up :)

one day lets definitely link up and shoot some photos!

thanks!! I'm loving the 33's on my car.

you know me and my obsession for low cars hahaha. The R34 is...interesting to drive lets say. The blue headlights are just something I find aesthetically pleasing!!

thanks soju :-X

thank you!


so here is pt.2 and some recent activity with my cars!


So unfortunately with my 180SX, after 3 years of ownership, I finally realized this chassis is way too far gone, been through way too much. So I did what I thought was reasonable and parted it out, keeping the shell. I've owned this car for way too long to part ways with it, but as for now, after driving the S15 for so long, my heart craves a more simple street car 180SX. Maybe one day this chassis will see the light of day again, only time will tell.

However, just because one door closes, doesn't mean another one doesn't open. Enter my new (to me) 1997 180SX Type X (RPS13) with 55,000k's on the clock.

This car is very mint, and a beautiful chassis for me to have a little bit of fun with, but not go too crazy with. I fell into the same trap with my old 180, and I hope to not with this one. I learned a lot with that car, and one day I will rebuild. HOPEFULLY.

It's practically stock, save for an HKS intercooler, HKS mushroom filter, and some Tein lowering springs.

This will be a fun car.


Enter Project V35. This may be a little unorthodox of a car, but when I parted out the 180SX and sold the FR-S, I was left with quite a lot of dispoable income and no project, because all my other cars are doing quite well. So when this came up from a friend, I knew I had to snag it for 950,000yen.

You might be thinking why the heck I bought this trashed looking car, and here is the reason why.

Full running 2JZ-GTE swap, GTX3582R, 400whp once tuned, not to mention Stance XR-1 coilovers and Parts Shop Max arms. This car is ready to run, just needs a tune, and an alignment cause this thing drives as straight as James Charles. My plan for this car is to cut it up, full bodykit, maybe widebody, and build a dedicated track car that can (maybe) see street time.


As for this one, I can't really justify it, other than it was dirt cheap, and it

This was 250,000yen which I could not pass up, solely for this reason -

This car has a Z32 FSR0530 five speed manual transmission swap bolted up to a pretty stock VG30DE, with power being sent to the rear wheels via an R200 one way diff from an R33 GTS-T. The previous owner installed modified S13 Kei Office coilovers. This car shreds for what it is, and at the moment serves as my parts hauler / daily driver since I went full retard on my S15 since the last update.


Since you guys wanted to see more photos of it, here it is, about three weeks ago, still on AD08's and SL's.

I swapped over to a pair of chrome housing headlights and I'm still 50/50 on them, but I will rock them for now.

Then I decided it was too high, and went back to full stance idiot.

OG TE's, and I went back to being ridiculously low. It certainly doesn't survive in the city as well, but fuck me it looks good.

new page!

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# Smokiegun : Cars are looking super clean, congrats on the new additions as well! Can't wait to see what's in store for the 180sx and the Y33!
thank you :-X big plans !!
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looking good fam.

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Sad but rather hilarious (in a good way) to see the RPS13 went to the sunset after all these years......only to be replaced by another RPS13. Not that I'm mad or anything, just keep the new one pristine would you? ;)

And BOI the S15 is definitely something to admire for hours, or even days :-X

And for some reason I kinda want a Cedric......say, is it good as a missile? Though it's a bit risky to be smashed I think. Not that I like smashing cars, but with my lack(?) of drift skills it's fairly inevitable :rolleyes:
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#885   2019-05-24 09:47          
Thanks guys!

@BigSmoke, buy my Cedric! I'll sell it to you for cheap, it'll make a perfect missile car for you. LSD, five speed manual and RWD! Hit me up in the DM's.

Adrianne (aka RocketBunnyS13) came over to help me paint and install the S13 Ganador mirrors I had off my old 180SX onto my BRZ, with the help of the Faction Motorsports adaptor plate - *LINK*

With the amount of aftermarket the ZC6 chassis sees, I wouldn't be surprised to see this thing become the next S-Chassis. Not that I'm complaining though!

Maybe a kit next? I have yet to write about the USA trip I tagged along with Niatross, more to come on that later!
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