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#201   2018-01-19 17:40          
funny thing is that in slrr the sun is from another direction xd. anyway left is ingame, right is 3dsmax render


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#202   2018-01-19 18:48          
ehhh it won't be really that noticeable anyway lol

Also make it doesn't get affected by scene light changes like biggboss did with his southern circuit


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#203   2018-01-19 19:42          
Nice work on everything! Looking forward to trying the Nagoya neighborhood map - that'll probably bring me back to actually playing SLRR after a while of not having been able to.

So I actually looked at making the Shutokou map at one point, though I didn't actually get around to modelling anything.

I came up with a rather silly, but possibly viable, technique for making it all work: the only "solid" part of the map should be a low-polygon-count 3D road that may or may not actually render, but that provides the collision data, so that the car never falls through the map. Then, you make big chunks of the map as loadable objects that disappear when you get too far away from them.

Would be difficult to assemble and script, but I still imagine that it can be done.

I also had some thoughts about scripting it to act as complex as Valo does, but that's another story altogether...


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#204   2018-01-19 20:10          
make big chunks of the map as loadable objects [..] difficult to assemble and script
The engine can take car of this no need for scripting an rpk that defines a map defines it in a bounding volume hierarchy it is essentially a tree structure that helps slrr achieve what you want with native objects in a map(try flying around with the camera in valocity and go above a hole which is surrounded by buildings, you will see that some parts of the map only load if you go over the hole and make them visible if you were on ground level) but ofcourse you will need to define the majority of your visuals as native objects but as far as I know the track wizard can handle native objects(as it is done with valocity the shops and the buildings on ground level are mostly native objects and not actually part of the rpk)

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#205   2018-01-19 21:38          
Looks good, either shadow or pixel map it though, it'll look better :P
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