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#1   2018-07-16 21:18          
Hi guys, so this is a new idea, one-off probably!

a chance for members to show their creativity and create a vstanced sticker that will officially be added to our shop! :)

We're looking for something simple, easy to print/die cut! even a slap sticker? anything your mind allows you!

Here's some inspiration that I quickly put together..

The rules are simple -;

* - Width at least 2800PX - height depending on design, e.g. circle we would expect 2800x2800, slap sticker we would probably be seeing 2800x350 etc!
* - Winner to provide PSD
* - Keep it simple/easy to regignise
* - SLR/VStanced/Car scene inspired.
* - By submitting your design you agree to give us the rights to use it and edit it. If you're not happy with it please do not participate.

Prize - Nothing much sadly, we will be using your sticker for promo and we'll also send you one in post! :) plus it'll be great to have your design on our shop right?

Community to decide the winner! :) End date - 31/07/18

Good luck! :)

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#2   2018-07-17 12:33          

PS: how many stickers per user? :P

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#3   2018-07-17 14:58          
P.S All Pictures are above 2800 PX Width.
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#4   2018-07-17 16:54          
Like this?

[edit: two more]

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#5   2018-07-17 16:58          

Still working on this how does this feel ?


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#6   2018-07-17 23:23          
90's bus seat cover sticker

Boring ass company sticker

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#7   2018-07-18 00:00          
something simple, bosozoku inspired
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#8   2018-07-18 15:41          

Rushed abomoon inspired ones, hope i got the Japanese words right.

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#9   2018-07-18 19:25          
i did this in like 5 min, but i still think it looks good


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#10   2018-07-29 12:29          

For those who love pixels :D


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#11   2018-07-30 20:35          
Finally managed to make something, made it pretty quickly but i'm happy with how it looks.
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