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#1   2016-11-04 14:13          
Hello everyone. My name is Sam and i live in Portugal. Currently i have a job as a Graphic Designer, and at free time as a photographer !

Been looking for a daily car, so i found a good looking Mercedes W201 190D and i called the Owner to see the car, and we met at a local parking lot.

So i saw and test drived the W201 and it seemed all ok to me.

The details given to me about the car

- 1988 Mercedes W201 190D (2.0D Original) the previous and original engine was damaged so he swapped to a OM606 Engine (Mercedes 3.0 Turbo Diesel 24V) from a wrecked E300TD.

- 350k Km (car) and 175k Km (engine)

- Recently painted, Oil and filter change, etc !

Asking Price: 2500€ (V$ 2700)

Negociated the price with the owner and we got a deal for 2250€ (V$ 2400)



Cash: V$ 20,000

Expenses: V$ 2,400

Total: V$ 17,600

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#2   2016-11-04 17:34          
Some Updates for the "Taxi"

Got the Koni coilovers for V$ 600. Installed them on my apartment's garage. Better looking now !

Also picked some parts for the car.

- Bigger Turbo
- Backbox

All of this :

So i went to a friend's garage (he's a mechanic) and he helped me out welding a new straight pipe and the back box, also installing the FMIC and the Turbo.

As a MB Specialist, he tuned up my car

Amd after a couple of tests .. here's how it went ! lol

Money: V$ 17,600


- Coilovers: V$ 600

- Turbo and FMIC: V$500

- Pipes for FMIC and Exhaust: V$ 150

- Backbox: V$100

- Silicon Hoses for the FMIC - V$ 50

- Tune up and Install: V$ 300 (Lowcost service from a friend)

Total in V$ left: V$ 15,900


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#3   2016-11-05 11:05          
This roleplay is different, I see potential...


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#4   2016-11-06 20:28          
# tyretear : This roleplay is different, I see potential...

Thanks !


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#5   2016-11-07 00:47          
So .. an update !

As i wished, i wanted to get some new rims and i had an opportunity.

So this guy at the merc's forum wanted to sell or trade his AMG Monoblock for some set of stock rims because he was selling the car, so i PM'd him and he accepted the trade plus some money.

So we dealt V$ 300 plus my stock rims and we met at the parking lot and made the trade !

"Taxi" pics !!

And a photoshoot of the new rims !! (Sorry about the smoked rear, BECAUSE DIESEL CAR ! AHAH)


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#6   2016-11-07 15:08          
Hello again !

I've saw an add of a 94' Civic EJ2 and i saw potencial in the car to do a "project" to have fun with it !

So it's a 94' Civic EJ2 with an 1.5l 90hp engine, couldn't take a good view of the car by the photos but it seemed good i guess.

As i met the owner i saw that the car wasn't in great shape ... and it needed some care.

Here's some photos of the civic !

What you guys think of the civic ?

The owner is asking V$ 800 but he's willing to get down the price a little bit if i'm interessed because we wants to get rid of the car.

The car has some cheap coilovers, an air intake, dtm backbox, powerchip (?) but needs repairing and painting the body ...


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#7   2016-11-08 16:27          
That Civic is nothing but trouble, It will probably fall apart while youre driving it. That car is worth 500V$, not 800V$.
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#8   2016-11-09 22:45          
only one thing about the civic: :RICE:

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#9   2016-11-14 10:05          

Just got the civic for 500 V$ ! Did a few things to it, soon i'll post some photos of the progress, btw it was a shame to drive it back home ! LOL

V$ -

15,900 V$

AMG Monoblock - 300 V$

Civic - 500 V$

Total: 15,900 V$

Payment (2x Monday) - 750 V$

Total: 15,750 V$


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#10   2016-11-18 20:19          
The civic as you said, it was riced up and it is nothing but trouble but i decided to buy it anyways and why not ? :D

The work just started at my friends garage, removing the rice and trying to get the car in good shape again !

I have planned how the car is going to be like but i ain't telling you what my plans are for now ...

If anyone is interessed i am selling these parts - Front and back bumper, Vented hood, Front bumper lip, Painted OEM sideskirts, Back DTM Exhaust and the Clean trunk.

The engine is for sale too. D15 Vtec with 140k KM, it goes with all electric connections, cold air intake and gearbox.

PM for prices.

Some pics !!


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#11   2016-12-02 15:05          
Hello all ! There's been a lot of work done on the Civic !

I've sold all the parts i didn't needed such as:

D15 Engine - 150 V$
Front bumper with lip, back bumper and sideskirts - 50$
Clean Trunk and mirrors (and gave the dtm backbox get rid of it) - V$25
Headlights and taillights - V$50
Vented Hood V$25

And the goodies i've bought

OEM front, back bumper and sideskirts (excellent condition) - V$100
Front bumper lip (NEW) - V$50
Hood and Trunk - V$50
K20 Engine - V$500
OEM Rims + Tires - V$200
Front Integra Recaro red seats - V$300
Paintjob - V$225
Brake kit (all 4 wheels) - V$200
Koni Coilovers - V$250
New Steering wheel - V$50
Head/Taillights - V$100

Added 8 minutes later:

So the civic was stripped out, had some bodywork done and got ready for painting.

The K20 was previously installed, tweaked and tested and it runned nice.

Fitting the parts and adjust them too look perfect and remove them to paint.

Painting finished, and fitting all the parts, windows, bumpers and so on.

And the final touch with all the details !!

What you guys think ? :D

BEFORE - 15,750 V$
SOLD - 300 V$
BOUGHT - 1,775 V$

TOTAL - 14,275 V$

Paycheck (x2 monday) 750 V$

TOTAL - 15,025 V$

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#12   2016-12-02 20:57          
Nice RPing so far! I'll definitely keep watching.
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#13   2017-01-06 12:47          
Hello there, wish you all a good year first of all !

So, i been away for a while but new year means new projects, i'm sad what i sold my both cars but i got a good deal and i couldn't refuse.

So the Mercedes was sold for V$ 6,500 and the civic was sold for V$ 5000

So i got a 03' E46 M3 for V$ 12,000 from a old man that is my neighbour, he can't drive anymore and it was a "garage car", mint mint mint, all services done and only with 78k km, it will be my daily car !

And yesterday as i was serching through the classifieds on the web i saw a 316i for sale and i got it.

The 316i doesn't look so good, the owner was a kid and it was all stance this stance that, whatever, i got it for V$ 600.

It has 180k km, dunno about the service history, it had 2 previous owners before the kid, the engine is stock (and weak as hell), it has coilovers and a bunch of rice. The rims didn't came on the deal, he got me some ugly ones to go with the car !

PICS (is what you all want !)

The M3 and the 316i (when i got the 316i Deal)

First mods to the M3, simple stuff, just window tint, and the chrome blacked out and i removed the front bumper grill.

For now the 316i is stored at the garage, when i have the time i'll give it a check all around.

See you !


V$ 15,025
X5 Paycheck - V$ 2,075
SOLD: MB - V$ 6,500 / CIVIC - V$ 5,000
BOUGHT: M3 - V$ 12,000 / 316i - V$ 600

TOTAL: V$ 16,000


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#14   2017-01-07 11:38          
Nice beemers there, both have potential for some great upgrades :D
My E36 is on sale, you can make an offer if you want ;)
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#15   2017-10-13 12:47          
Good Morning everyone, i was away for a while but i've returned !

Sold the both bimmers because i went abroad on january, now i'm going to see a daily car in a couple of hours and i'll update this thread with some news.

Paychecks (415V$ x41) - 17,015 V$

BMW M3 + BMW 316i (Sold) - 15,000 V%

Balance: 48,015 V$


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#16   2017-11-18 11:15          
Good Morning people !

Since i was away for a while, i needed a daily car, so i went looking and i saw this 99' Audi A4 1.9 TDi for sale.

Went to check up the car, everything seemed ok overall, has leather seats, HID headlights, etc etc.

From a little chat with the owner, he said that he done an engine swap, so the car was originally a 1.9 TDi 90hp, and he swapped to a 1.9 TDI PD130 from a golf.

Other thing he done to the car, that is ugly and riced up is that dtm backbox, but i'll replace it soon and he installed some 17" Audi rims, i think this are the ones from the audi TT.

I've already got some plans for this A4, news soon !


As i got the car, i've done some maintenance like the oil and filter change, timing chain and done an overall check-up to the car, looks good.


Car: 3,500 V% + 500V$ (Oil and filter change/Timing change, all around check-up)

Paycheck x 5 2375V$

Balance: 46.390V$

Added 1 hour 5 minutes later:

Couldn't stand looking at the car like this ... so ... very busy saturday morning rushing from scrapyard to scrapyard and a quick stop at the local tuner shop got some parts and ...

Here's the V 1.0 of the A4 !

Parts bought:

Audi S4 front bumper: 75V$

FMIC and piping + install: 150V$

Straight pipe exhaust plus welding: 100V$

Koni Coilovers: 500V%

VW Amarok Wheels and Tyres: 350V%


Balance: 45,215 V$

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#17   2017-11-21 20:47          
Good Night !

Dome some changes to the A4.

Hope you like it !


BBS LM 19" + tyres - 800 V$

355mm + 300mm Brembo brakes kit - 500V$

Recaro Seats - 1000 V$

Total Spent: 2300 V$

Balance: 42,215 V$


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#18   2017-12-13 21:31          
Good Night

Just got bored of the AUDI, and as i had an E46 M3 before and had to sell because i went away for a while, just sold the AUDI and searched for the M3.

Saw this one:

2004 M3 with 49k km for 9,990 V$

Called the guy and he could show me the car in the afternoon, so i called a friend of mine and he got me a lift to see the M3.

This was the overall looking of the car, seemed nice

A little chat with the owner and he told me he only fitted new big brakes, coilovers and the rest was stock.

Got the car for 9,000 V$.


x3 week paycheck (415$) 1,245V$

Audi A4 (SOLD) + 4,500V$

BMW M3 (BOUGHT) - 9,000V$

Balance: 38,960 V$

PS: Got another surprise that i'll show you soon, not a full car, got only the body with some suspension parts and brakes, new project for race use.


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#19   2017-12-15 15:38          
Hello petrolheads !

Yesterday as i got some spare time in the afternoon, i've decided to remove those DTM style backboxes and installed two magnaflow backboxes and straightpipes aswell.

Also went to a mechanic friend of mine to do a check-up on the M3, everything seemed fine, asked him to tweak the coilovers the car bring, and decided also to do some "bodywork" as he works with vinyl and he tints windows, got the windows tinted and blacked out the side and front grills and debadged the M3 in the trunk

Already Lowered

Blacked out (final result)

As for the "Surprise", here it is !

It's an 96' Mitsubishi Colt that i've bought from a guy who had it in the garage, kinda like an abandoned project.

Bought it with the supsension and brakes fitted and wheels aswell.

Just done some bodywork to it, wide fenders, the front ones just done it today and the engine was fitted this morning.

I'm not telling much details about the engine, i've decided to apply an Honda K24 engine because it was cheaper to mod than an mitsubishi one and i guess it will be more reliable.


Magnaflow backboxes + straightpipes - 500 V$
Check-up + Suspension Tweak (Lowering) + Window Tint and vinyl - 500 V$

Mitsubishi Colt Undone Project - 500 V$

K24 Engine + Parts - 2,900 V$

Tyres + Wheels bought (not revealed yet) - 1,500 V$

Balance: 33,060 V$


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#20   2017-12-15 15:58          
Click on pic to open my RP!


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#21   2017-12-15 20:42          
I agree with the statement above.

Added 35 seconds later:

Was there a engine in there already? If so; how much?
Click on it for RP.

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#22   2017-12-21 11:02          
# Jfernando1 : I agree with the statement above.

Added 35 seconds later:

Was there a engine in there already? If so; how much?

There wasn't an engine installed on the car, i've built it myself with some help.

As for the Colt, with 3k V$ was finally done.

Rollbar, strutbars, seats, dashboard etc ... here's the end result.

BTW: Currently for sale ! 25k V$


Overall Build on the Colt: 3,000 V$

Balance: 30,060 V$


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#23   2018-01-12 10:26          
Hello again, and happy new year !

As you can remember from the last post, i was selling the colt i've built, and its gone, not for the value i was asking but at least i got rid of it fast, so it went for 17,000 V$ !

I've decided to do a few changes on the M3, since it's a daily car i didn't wanted to do major thing in the engine, so i've installed new backboxes, they look more low profile and got an carbon fiber air intake and got a carbon fiber head cover aswell.

As for the interior, got some recaro seats and an aftermarket deepdish steering wheel.

Exterior, did some major changes, enkei wheels in grey, painted the brakes in yellow, carbon fiber rear diffuser, roof and front spoiler, M3 CSL trunk, and other few things.


Hope you like what i've done to the M3 so far.

And as for 2018, i got myself a gift a couple a days!

I was cruising downtown, when i got with this deadend and i saw an AE86 in a driveway, seemed like abandoned ... so i stopped the car to check on the car and i saw an oldman sitting on the porch and i went to talk to him, asking who's car was that.

Was his car, but due to health issues he couldn't drive anymore and the car sat there for more than over a year parked in his driveway.

So then i asked if he would sell it, and we made a deal for 1,500 V$ !! :D

I inspected the car carefully, and seemed to me that the only major issue is the rusted/worn paintjob and some missing parts that he told me that were stolen, checked up the engine real quick and seemed ok.

As for the interior, it looked mint, just a little smelly but ok.

So i got the car running after a few tries and seemed to run nice but def needs some major check and maintenance.

Here's the pics of the AE86



Spent on the M3: -3,500 V$

Toyota AE86 purchase: -1,500 V$

(4x 425V$ weekly paycheck) +1,700 V$

Colt sale: +17,000 V$


43,760 V$


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#24   2018-01-16 09:54          
Good morning !

Went down to my friend's shop with the AE86 to get the oil/filter change and overall check-up as i didn't had much time to do it myself at home.

Installed this HKS Cold Air intake.

I've decided also, as i got some time free, to start stripping the interior ...

And here's the end result of that.

Then, finally went for a test !!

Flat out in 4th !! Sounds nice now !!


Weekly paycheck:

+425 V$



-100 V$ - Intake
-50 V$ - Check-up and maintenance


Balance: 44,035 V$


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#25   2018-01-16 14:53          
More progress done !

Crappy paintjob but at least it's better than rust, removed the moldings and sideskirts and got plastidipped !

I've installed the OEM air intake back again and dyno just to compare the numbers since i've done some work to the engine now.

128HP and 125NM.

So i've ordered some parts that arrived this morning to a mechanic friend of mine that was going to do a little tweak to the AE86.

- Toda Full Exhaust (Header, Pipe and Muffler)
- Install again the HKS Cold Air Intake
- Little Tweak on the ECU and Fuel system (8500 RPM)

That's all for engine work for now, as the end result of the dyno ...

140HP and 133NM

As for the interior, got an Air/Fuel Meter, Apexi controller, deepdish aftermarket steering wheel and stripped the gear knob

That's all for the day !!



- Toda Racing Full Exhaust (NEW) - 2000 V$
- Apexi Controller - 200 V$
- Tweaks - 200 V$
- Plastidip - 100 V$
- Work - A Case of beer


41,535 V$

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#26   2018-01-16 17:12          
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#27   2018-01-16 19:25          
Sweet AE86!

Car that I own in real: Ford Fiesta 54 plate 1.4 Flame.
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#28   2018-01-17 19:52          
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