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# CALLmeSCOOBY : #stillwaitingonthe180update

Isee you are hard on it man, you and doge have your fun there owerseas.Duno if you know but i grabed myself lately a 200SX aswel, good a clean ass car but daily it curently since Audi is still in CA garage.Btw i kinda lost track of your 180, wasnt the plan to go stock? it looks like a real drifter from outside.Or is that still to come?

Have fun for us who cant go drift cause work and shit. XD

I have seen your 200SX and I like it! I did go "stock" for the shaken, the Japanese vehicle inspection, I ended up making it as stock as I needed to pass the inspection, which just meant raising the car up, stock S14 wheels on fresh tires, stock S13 bumpers, and I tipped off the inspector to ignore the window stickers.

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