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# dxg1997 : Sure, gimmie a quote on building my motor to, say, 310 wheel horse maybe?

I can do a few things for you.

1. I currently have a 2.0 to 2.2 Tomei stroker kit in shop that I got a deal on. I could install this at the cost of what I bought it for, plus labour, for V$3400. Costly but if you only want to make low power like that, you'll practically never have to worry about the stock bottom end of the SR engine.

2. I have an SR20DET Blacktop from an S15 with an upgrade to a Garrett T28 Turbo, as well as a full greddy intercooler set up (intercooler and piping) and an HKS Blow off valve all ready to go. I'd sell the engine to you and install it for V$3200 which is hardly making me money as is. That will get you to your 310 wheel easy and the engine has only 45,000KMs on it and has been well maintained, so it'll last you well so long as you're not doing much more to it.

Realistically the stroker kit will easily put you over 310 with a good tune and turbo kit, probably more like an easy 400 on medium boost. At that point it will become a bit more expensive as you'll need more upgrades and you'll be looking at a new ECU, new injectors, and a tune as mentioned earlier. If this interests you then we can go ahead and do it. The 3400 is including all the supporting mods mentioned above and includes the turbo install labour, but a full tune will be an extra V$500 and we'll do it right.

If you're only looking to make 310 you would actually be able to get away with it on stock NA block and I would recommend that if you don't want any more power than that, just do the turbo kit alone properly and you'll be set. So lastly,

3. We can install the turbo kit and tune the car for you to run healthy for just $600. That should be good enough as I explained earlier and I don't want to charge you a bunch of money for things you don't need, I'd rather do it right but to the customer's liking.

Those are the options I have to offer, let me know if any of them interest you, but if you do eventually want to make proper power then I recommend that you go with the first option because making more power on a built engine will be more reliable and easier than making more power off stock block and turbo kit. I just don't want you blowing your engine up, trust me I've been there :))

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# Hyped : ill come to the shop with the stagea in a bit. If you could start unloading the crate?

Done earlier for you, put everything over in your work space for you.

Do it for the ratchets