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Crown Autoworks is owned by Haku, is located in Southern Valo City, and focuses on these primary auto services;

Engine Work

Building and repairing engines, adding forced induction (boost), & complete engine swaps.
Primarily done by Haku.


We offer ECU tuning and an in house dyno to help get your car running right while putting down the best figures.
Primarily done by Smokiegun.


We also offer electrical work, including but not limited to, fixing wiring harnesses, rewiring existing or new components, lighting, and any other electronic connection based issue.
Primarily done by Hyped.

Vinyl Wrapping

In addition we offer in house Vinyl Wrapping in the case you wish to wrap your car instead of painting it. We do full wraps, custom graphic work, stickers, and anything else you're looking for vinyl related. We have a large selection of colours and we can always order more to make sure you get the look you're going for.
Primaril done by Haku.

Body Work and Tires fitting

Finally we work in helping fit body kits to cars, such as wide bodies or simple kits. We'll do the work for you, but we don't do custom body work (Custom made fenders, metal work, in house made kits, etc) at this moment in time, we simply fit already made kits properly. We also have a tire mounting machine and mount all tires properly, even some of the more extreme tire stretches that other shops may not want to touch...

All prices vary and different quotes will be made for each customer upon inquiry. (Ask and we'll give you a price.)

We have a large facility to work on up to 7 customer cars at a time (2 Vinyl, 5 for anything else) and pride ourselves in working quickly, efficiently, and doing everything the way it should be done the first time.

Currently hiring for running gear specialist who must be well versed in everything from lowering springs, drop spindles, air suspension, and anything else running gear related.

Current Shop Built Cars in Storage:

1991 Nissan 240SX S13
w/ RHD and Silvia Front end conversion
&700WHP 13B Rotary Twin Turbo

US Spec Nissan 240sx converted to Right Hand Drive, 13B Conversion + 6 Speed transmission, 700 Wheel Horsepower, Complete running gear overhaul and body overhaul, wrapped in one of our favourite purple speckle wraps.

1991 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T
w/ Full drivetrain conversion from GTS4
& Built 1100WHP RB28DETT (Stroked from RB26DETT)

A '91 Nissan Skyline that was originally a GTS-T that has now been fitted with an RB28DETT (Stroked from an RB26DETT) engine and a complete modified drivetrain from a same model GTS4 Skyline to make this an AWD beast that appears to be a GTR but is really a testament to the work we can do here at Crown Autoworks.

1970 Nissan Skyline GTR KPGC10 (Hakosuka)

Genuine Hakosuka GTR from Japan, only modified with wheels and suspension. Collectors item for the most part but still driven when possible.

2010 Nissan GTR R35
w/ Rocket Bunny kit & Accuair Suspension

Rocket Bunny kitted out R35 on air suspension that built from a salvaged R35, fun weekend car and built on a budget fit for any happy customer.

Current Customer Cars:

None at the moment, all current projects will be posted here and updated frequently.

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