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# Automotive Gaming : Good!
I bet struts, brakes, suspensions and maybe some more chassis parts took most part of the polycount
yeah, the whole suspension and doorpanels and dashboard took the biggest part, the whole body itself is like 6000 polygons including the unibody.
I think the whole car when its finished will be around the 50-60k total max. Also remind me to post wireframe renders tommorow :P

# Lexivn : (NOTE: THIS IS COMMENT IS FOR ASSETTO CORSA) Does anybody know of the car, Acura 3.2 CL Type-S? Well just asking due to my friend who owns that car(He's 16) and he really wants it in Assetto Corsa. Does anybody know anybody I could ask to model it? I would really love to see it in-game. (I am Trying to learn Myself,Before that comment comes in).
# KeeJay : ^^ No requests.
I don't mind request but I most likely wont make them anyway :)