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# Duex11 : Hi ... My name is Jorge and the nick is Duex11 , i'am backing in the game .... Now my next project :

Mazda 626 - Model From Gta SA
Engine : 26b 4 rotor bi turbo ( block and turbo only from grabcad )

.... I finish the 3D project to iniciate the convertion .

I model one 4 barrel throle boddy.


Pics from car and engine :

That does almost look like something alien.

Added 37 seconds later:

# adnan54 : yeah, but is already removed

Does it have it´s own engine too?

Added 3 minutes later:

# Duex11 : I'am BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK . The team back ativites :) some 3D by me to convert to game hehe ^^ :


Exactly what we need more of: engines!

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