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So, my great uncle just passed away, and he left me his garage (blue painted inside) and his old Jag. Got NO IDEA what to do with it, might make into a car for shows, just Concours de Elegance kinda shit lol. Anyways, currently swapping out the suspension in the Bimmer. Got 4 H&R Clubsport coilovers. and since the old brakes were pretty small for such a big engine, picked up some HUGE crossdrilled Endless' ones (355 mm, 6 piston). The parts costed roughly $2k a corner, and I haven't even ordered the sticky as a mofo pZeros... (BTW the e-Reciept said that all in all, everything costed $7948. I'm glad I got an inheritance! lol)

Pic of the old brakes, pic of new suspension fitted and pics of the Jag coming in the next half hour or so.

Added 1 hour 54 minutes later:

So, the suspension took longer than anticipated, but it came out well. I like how it sits now, better than before. Also, went and picked up the Jag (Mark 2) from his lockup. The old man was obsessed with speed, so he put a bi-turbo I6 in the damn thing... didn't know he did that till I looked at it. crazy old man... other than that, the cars in mint condition, and since it was in his lockup for the last 50 years, (although that means the engine wasn't actually driven on, so I'm just going off what they said to me) it only has 10k miles... thats not bad for such an old car.

Added 1 hour 13 minutes later:

So went to the dealership, and they have 2 cars I REALLY want. With the last of the inheritance, I can afford one, unless I borrow 5k from someone. (Please?) They are...... a 2014 Nissan GT-R Black Edition, and an EXTREMELY Limited Edition 2014 SRT Viper SRT-10. EXTREMELY because there's only 20 built with that paint scheme! PLEASE CAN I BORROW MONEY???

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