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# Mister_Softee : Couger should be getting a set of Chakuriki GT +S's shortly from us! Very excited to see them mounted up to his S15!

On a sidenote here is some more 「9 8 4」style! Since that is what we specialise in, automotive fashion and styling! The new intercoolers we have acquired from 326 Power, limited quantity of only 12 in stock, fits S chassis and R chassis.

These are B I G intercoolers $1700 a kit with custom TIG welded piping
inlet pipe 65mm core size 100mm, H302x600x115mm - 3 Layer.

Does the intercooler come in kits?If so,does it come with the intercooler,piping, hoses and fittings?
just btw- Any intercooler can fit anything..none are really made to fit S Chassis and R Chassis alone..
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