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I had bought a old Mini Cooper from a friend of mine and it was fully striped and rusted inside and out i paid $400 for it and it had been sitting in my garage for about 6 months now then it hit me like Mike Tyson that the only way was with JDM style mini build the prob was the engine and i had searched for some evrywhere but can't find any then i came across a guy that sold 2Honda motors the K24 and B18 i bought that for $1500 and it was then sent to get overhauled and the head was gasflosed and ported on both and that cost me $3500 for each then i needed to fit that into the mini and as it happend it wasn't that hard since the motors wasn't that big and still it was hard to choose between allmotor or turbocharged it then took a standstill

Gve me ideas.on what to do rims give me some deals
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