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#2554   2010-05-26 12:48          
@ Hakosabi-san: Sugoi kurumaaa!!!!!! rusty dorifuto machin FTW!!! :D loved it!!!

@ Dopey: I really liked how this Altezza got some "daily driven racer" look :) good one! one day I hope I'm not this lazy to do a nice paintjob :P

@ Jaziba: running from the olive-green Integra motherfuckers team!! coolio!

@ Robin Hood: great rusted ride!

@ Hudas: Please, I DEMAND you use one of my headcovers on this Teggy... it needs a intercooler! :D

@ Mikidude: Liked the color combo, but get rid of the red rear seats...

And finally,

@ NoiseBomb: Great Supra mate! As always you are all about powaaaa! :D