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Junkyard look? Rusted out? What ever you want to call it, I've been seeing this kind of rat-rod style more and more in Japan and the guys from motorFIX have really mastered it in the drifting world. It really does make sense, why bother running a spotless drift car with expensive aero, when sooner or later the unavoidable will happen. This one motorFIX Corolla have been built following this notion, all of the attention being given to the engine and suspension.

The 4AG-E supplies plenty of screaming naturally aspirated power to have tons of fun out on track.

This thing is just oozing style, and rust!

That's it for this shot look at the motorFIX Corolla. If I have a chance in the future I really want to drop by their shop in Gifu-ken to check out what other cool cars they have built.