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As DSpeed Factory was the responsible for the development and adaptation of the Duhen engine in the Logan models sold in Valo City, I was invited to the car presentation in the Interlagos circuit. :)

When DSpeed Factory was searching for a nice engine base to work with, we found in the Duhen 1.5 DVC, the ideal partner to develop our project. We used cams and intake from the Einvagen 110GT, known by its low end torque, durability allied to the low cost of the parts. The results are good 79hp @ 5.500rpm showing the "rev-ability" of the Duhen engine and we got 132nM of torque at very low 2.000rpm. That means that its a great cruiser for some relaxing rides and long trips.

Tech specs:

The Logan 1.5 did really good on the performance tests, considering the meaning of the engine, that was developed for economy and low end torque. We got a steady acceleration, doing the 0-100kmh/60mph in 8.2 seconds. If this is slow for the SLRR standards, its more than enough from what the engine can do. The quarter-mile was done in 15.48 seconds and the Top Speed on Valo City Test Track was 161.kmh

O Logan 1.5 foi muito bem nas provas de desempenho, considerando o propósito do motor que é a economia e torque em baixas rotações. Tivemos uma aceleração consistente, 0-100kmh em 8.2segundos, que se é lento para os padrões SLRR, vai além do que era esperado pela nossa equipe. O 1/4 de milha foi feito em 15.48seg e no teste de velocidade máxima na Test Track de Valo City, chegamos a 161.7kmh/100.4mph.

Just after the performance tests, we were invited for a ride around Interlagos tracks, with various journalists from other publications. In the very beggining, shit almost hit the fan. One of your friends got surprised with "so much powa" according to him and lost control in the first turn. And our nice black Logan was gone... :(

After that, we received the keys for a nice red Logan that was some sort of spare car... our disaster-friend was forced to be with the same Logan, just after some polishes on the scratches he caused.

After the facelift, the Logan lost most of it's "poor's car" looks. Some chrome and improvements on the finishes give him a better look.

And as bonus, we were presented to the Logan Cup, the racing cup that Renault/Dacia want to introduce in Valo City. The car is having the last tweaks and bits on the suspension (test drivers said that it's easy to flip if the driver is not careful) but the eigine is ready. It's the same 1.5 liter engine, but with DS FZERO cams and ITBs, featuring 180-194hp depending on the kind of fuel used.

Special thanks to maryus_x90 that make this happen, to VStanced and GOM, our beloved partners...