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# BigSmoke : GRENAAAAAAAAAAAADEEE *pretends to throw a grenade*

More lows for the ER34 and Grenades gives an utterly great result man, lovely fitment. And oh, glad I could be able to hang with you and the boys at R-Style! Let's hang around again sometime shall we :cheers:

And finally RS13U lives! Those R32 stockies gives a great OEM+ vibes :D


Thanks man! Looking forward to the R-Style Coverage from you and Muza haha

YES RS13U NOW USABLE! Thanks dude!

# Soju : Oohh that's a perfect match! and the grenades look even better with silver paint :D

Thank you! I knew all they needed was a fresh coat of paint

# insolivion : I like the simplicity on the R34, and i'm looking foward for the 180sx.

Thanks man!

# Sleepin mOnkey : repeat my sick stance comment


Added 39 minutes later:

ZC6 Chronicles

As you guys may have realized, the ZC6 has been stock for a LONG LONG while now, being driven without any mods for TOO LONG.

SOOOOO, here's some coverage of the mod process:
- Sticker Tune (Essential/+197hp)

- Yellow Headlight Tint (+197hp)

- Red Taillight Tint (+197hp)

- KSport Circuit Pro Coilovers - V$2,116 - FT86SpeedFactory

- K&N Drop-In Filter - V$53.99 - K&N

- HKS Hi-Power SPEC L Exhaust System - V$823.20 - Vivid Racing

- GRAM LIGHTS 57XTREME 18X9.5 +40 (LUMINOUS YELLOW) - V$1,712.40 - FT86SpeedFactory
-- Includes hub centric rings from 65.1mm to 56.1mm

- DIREZZA DZ102 235/40R18 - V$656 - Tire Rack

- Used Project MU BBK from GDB STI - V$1,700 - UP Garage

-- T O T A L = v$7,061.59

Over the past few months I began to accumulate some stickers to put on the BRZ, so it was only right to put em on after I had reached a substantial amount of stickers.

And as you can see, yellow headlight tint for that RAYS CAR LUK (and improved night visibility I guess)

As you can see here, to go along with the headlight tint, some red taillight tint. And some lows too of course, that is ESSENTIAL.

The coilover install was SUPER straightforward, and so was the K&N Drop In. MAN it feels good to work on brand new cars, so easy to take stuff out and put new ones in.

I then headed to R-Style to meet up with the nigga Lennart and have my wheels, tires, and brakes mounted on. Shout-out to R-Style!


Of course, after DROOLING at STEP:1 of my ZC6, I just HAD to take pics.


V$22,598.34 + V$1,125 (Weekly Paycheck x1) + V$3,700 (Accounting Services Payment Received) - v$7,061.59 = 20,361.75

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