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Let's form a hipothesis: Ganadors (and probably Ccraft Squares) fits everything with correct effort and tools. Could be a great scientific paper material :))

These lights looks beautiful and suits the E36's current look :D

Also, if anyone can't be bothered to see the latest update, I'll put it here:

# marcus915 : thank you guys! i always try to build cars with my own personal style and as a reflection of me.

E36 has been getting some love! finding parts for these cars isn't actually as difficult as I thought..

I retrofitted the S13 Ganadors on here with a custom mirror plate I had fabricated up from a piece of metal, and they fit mint! Hit them with some paint and they look great.

Found a set of rare Inpro taillights, so I had to swoop them up. I caught wind of a set of ultra rare blue Inpros that I might hunt for.

Clear corner lights for very cheap!
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