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Good evening, ladies and gentleman's
In tonights episode of "How To Get Broke in 50 Second"

"An Aventador is hungy and eats up all the money

"MK IV Supra refuses new parts"

"A Skyline which actually is traveling more then me"

"And a car which is gonna get gutted"

Gonna kick this off with the MK IV Supra.....

After a lot of thinking we decided to keep it original, and get all period correct parts and everything that was featured on the A80 Supra from Toyota.
I have talked with @SoJu few weeks ago about some parts that I saw on a A80 on facebook and he named them all to me, so here is the shopping list that we completed.

    Toyota Supra A80 Kouki Front Bumper (OEM from Japan) -V$400
    Toyota Supra A80 SEIBON Carbon Fiber OEM Hood also from Japan -V$975
    Nissan 300ZX Targa Tops also from Japan -V$210

Yep you read it well, it said NISSAN 300ZX TARGA TOPS, after some search we found out that its easy to install them with minor modifications since my supra was allready a targa top......

After we received all the parts and installed on the car we finaly placed the TRD front bumper lip which I bought a realy long time ago but didn't wanna install on that zenki front bumper.

In this episode of supra rebuild Ziga again stepped in, last time with the TRD rear spoiler this time with a wicked set of BBS LM 18x10 set for my Supwa!!!!

Next up on the list is the Infinity G35.....

Well actually there are no pics of the G35 but there is a pic of the E34 instead cause one part from the E34 is going in to the G35.

So here is a teaser for the G35 we are going to use the V10 out of the E34, we gonna get the FLEX FUEL SISTEM, so we are going to run Ethanol and Regular petrol, Haltech twin tune ECU which will allow us to use a tune for when we are using E85 and tune which we will use when regular petrol.
Sadly no turbos here, we will just fiddle with the engine to try and make a bit more power than supposed.....

Next up is the R33....
I packed the car and shipped it to Japan, to a friend which works at a familiar location....
I sent the car to @NIATROSS, actually to NISMO but he happened to be the one to get that JOB.....

So him and I talked on purchasing a R34 GTR V Spec II Nur I engine for the R33 and to give it a little bit of NISMO madness....

And so he did, the final product is Tuned at 550, can turn it up to 650, but for safety reasons this time I decided that 550 is enough.....

Here is what NIATROSS and NISMO did to my R33 With the bill....

    R34 RB26DETT engine + R33 transmission
    Greddy Trust twin turbo upgrade
    Aluminum piping all around
    New injectors and spark plugs
    New nismo fuel pump
    HKS Cone filters
    Nismo in-house full exhaust
    APexi PowerFC ECU with dyno tune
    Koyorad radiator
    Nismo front mount intercooler

All of that list of nonsense to most of the ppl costed me -V$15000 with the tune.....

2 weeks ago IRL I happened to be at another location with a guy from Canada which actualy owns an R34 GTT Skyline and would like to get it LHD (Like I had on my RP), so I gave him for "KAGEKI RACING" which is located in Czech Republic. So we rung it and they answered he talked with them and made a deal for his R34, and thats when they asked about the find, how did we found out for them, and I said that I do a Role Play using 1 game and using irl stuff for mods etc etc, and they told me that due to getting them a customer I get one product from them for free....... I went for a LHD kit for my R33....

The car was prepared, staged and shipped a week ago to Czech Republic for the LHD Kit to get installed and the car's USA ETA is 09 Aug 2019.....

So far that should be all the changes on the R33 for now, here will be some small cosmetic changes in august but that will settle it up....


2015 LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after a really long isnpection we found out that the fuse box needed to get replaced and most of the fuses thanks to the stupid driver that sent the car for a swim in shallow water so only the electrics under the trunk (hood) got fried, but for safety reasons me and Ziga sorcer a full wiring harness, fuses boxes with all required fuses and a new battery from "Exotic Auto Recycling"
for -V$3000
It took us a week to get everything fixed up cause the wiring on the Aventador requires 95% of the car to get removed so you can reach them but WE DID IT!!!!!!

The car runs great we did a oil and filter change, replaced the coolant and brake fluids so we are 100% shure that we wont blow up a 1/4 mil dolar car...
After some test drives I conviced Ziga that it needs a new set of rims and thats when Ziga found out that I am not sane at all....
I went for Brixton Forged HS1 rims, 20x11 in the front and 21x12.5 in the back....The rims and tires for it costed me -V$8047

Press on photo

Role Play

Weekly Income : V$1125/w