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The touring car racer vibe is strong with this one! The Koup has turned out some nice power figures as well, well done! :thumbsup:
That spoiler is defimitely an icing on the cake, fits the touring car look very well.

Most of us are in Tokyo, though some of us are in Osaka as well. I don't know anyone who lives in Chiba though, but there could be one. I myself live in Tsukuba, which is one and half an hour from Tokyo. No not the circuit (which is in Shimotsuma, a neighbouring city), but quite close to it, 18 kms from the track).

Franklin(well, Franklin) and MACKAY(Mack) used to live in Osakabefore moving to Tokyo recently, and I think so does Marcus(marcus915) but I could be wrong. The one that is definitely living in Osaka right now is Richard (azm613), which recently visited Tsukuba (as well as my crib).
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