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# BigSmoke : So you're saying there's a huge chance you'll get a 2nd toy to play with? Yaaaaay :bananajump:

Koup's progress also looking good and promising. I'm glad you accepted Soju's offer, he's a great, lovely and legendary guy :D

If I get hold of the 3 I'd probably have to sell it tho, it's not the best of value to keep haha. And yes, Soju's definitely a real cool dude!

# Soju : Looking really nice! It's fresh to see ITB setup on those engines, since most guys here put turbo on it :)

The camshafts were really hard to find in new condition, so take a good care of it :)

Thanks man, I'll be taking good care of it! ;) I did consider fitting a turbo kit actually, but local regulations would make it real hard to pass inspections and stuff so I decided to save myself from that trouble haha

Added 47 minutes later:

Update 4

Dyno results are back, and the Koup is making a sturdy 219 bhp oof.

Time to start some weight reduction work! Stuff like the front grille, some plastic mouldings and trunk carpets are the first things to be gone. Also bought some bits to both lighten and dress up the Kia, such as lighter interior bits and some extra aero.

Threw on some bright red Bride Zeta IIIs that I had ordered online

Nice Momo Prototipo that I got for cheap, 2nd hand but in decent condition

Also some gauges woohoo. I'll have to either remove or rewire the boost gauge since it's non-functional on this car.

Also a random spoiler that Lim had lying around his garage. He told me that it had been left behind by an owner of a Vios sometime ago, and that he had no idea where the wing originally came from or why it was mounted on a Vios. My guess is that it was one of those shitty Duraflex fits-all kinda things, but I still bought it anyway since it didn't look too bad.

And so yes there I've went and spent V$15K on a Kia, very cool.

V$6485 + 4 X V$415 - V$400(seats) - V$80(wheel) - V$120(gauges+rewiring) - V$20(weird ass wing) = V$7525

For now my plans are to save up for a trip to japan, and I've signed up as a Uber driver to earn some extra funds on the weekends. Anyone up there living around the Chiba or Osaka area? Would be real cool if we could meet up or something haha :D

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