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#157086   2019-07-04 18:40          
# Niatross : The 240SX came out so good man!!
Thing was an absolute delight to see back at the meetup
And im sure it gets some attention overall due to being a true USDM specialty roaming these streets :))
Just gotta find the time to put out my update on things soon
The Omori life is kinda catching on out here

Oh and Silver Queen is KICKIN' the tracks as well as it does! Glad to see it still going strong :cheers:

Glad you like Kaede and the mods done on it, thanks man! :cheers:
It does have its own charm indeed, combining Americana origins with Kyusha hotboi flair.
I know life is getting intense at Omori, take your time my man. I pity you for not being fully able to enjoy summer :))

And of course my Silver Queen is still ripping on Tsukuba and fighting around! Hopefully it'll perform better after the maintenance ;)

# Sleepin mOnkey : man the vert is sexy love the 90's style
# insolivion : as already said, the 90's vibe is strong, i dig it fam.

Glad you guys like Kaede as well, I'm quite happy to be able to enact that 90s vibe correctly. Cheers guys! :cheers:
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