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# 11000rpm : er34 finally enters low gang!
id personally keep that GRB as it is currently ;)

ER34 LOW GANG is correct!

And HMMMM alright I'll keep it as a practical and reliably daily


# Macaron_Moon : I declare myself the no.1 fan of that ER34. Don't ask why

I declare myself the no.1 fan of you. Don't ask why :-X

# Soju : All the things you've done to your cars are top notch, simple yet very bold :)

Thank you so much! It means a lot! :D

# Sleepin mOnkey : amazing stance on the cars mate

Thanks fam

# Alex876 : Big subaru fan, love the GRB


# Renaruto : Although it has been some time since you've visited I have to say the following - You're leaving way too much money at the shop.

Please don't stop.


a) Give you up
b) Let you down
c) Run around
d) Desert you

e) Make you cry
f) Say goodbye
g) Tell a lie
h) Hurt you

Added 45 minutes later:

ER34 Chronicles

I lowered the ER34 a bit more because reasons. Although that meant I had to make sure everything was still dialed in properly so I got an alignment right after.

A few days later I decided I just wasn't feeling the color on the Grenade GX-01s, so I got em painted, silver!

Looks MUCH better in my eyes. Here's a running shot of me on a freeway on my way to...

...R-Style to pick up some goodies for the RS13U!

Loading the G00DS UP! :^)

More running shots on the way home! Thanks speed camera! (No I WAS NOT ILLEGALLY SPEEDING)(I WAS LEGALLY SPEEDING)

Aaand here we are back at WestKyo. I popped the hood and let the RB25 cool down for a while, as I unloaded the goods from the trunk.

RS13U Chronicles

I was able to source some goodies from eBay Japan, I had em shipped to my boi Lennart at R-Style for paint matching. Thanks bud!

- OEM Zenki/Chuki 180SX Side Skirts (V$250)

- OEM 180SX Rear Valance (V$180)

OEM Aero Complete!

When that was over with, I had a good night's sleep. The next morning I got my sha ken compliance!

Yes I know, kind of weird to have square-ish Japanese plates on a very rectangular European rear plate area, but hey, 200SX LYF

I then passed by a nearby surplus shop to see that was kicking. AND I FOUND SOME STUFF, to be disclosed in a minute.

AH yes, the beauty of having a hatchback. LOTS of space.

I consolidated the parts I picked up over the weeks and install them part by part:

- S13 Pivot Pop-Up Light Controller (Zilvia)(V$135)

- S13 Nismo Weldina Option Exhaust (Croooober)[V$160 (16,000 JPY)]

- OEM Z32 Front and Rear Hubs with Brakes (Surplus)(V$320)
---- 4 Piston Front Calipers, 280mm Front Rotors, 2 Piston Rear Calipers, 280mm Rear Rotors

-HKS Hipermax III Coilovers (Surplus)(V$200)

- OEM BNR32 Wheels with Advan Neova AD08 Tires [Marcus Lam (marcus915)](V$800)
----16x8 +30mm Front and Rear
----225/50R16 Front and Rear

And now the REVEAL.


Mandatory 7Eleven Photo

The next day, I kind of felt like doing ER34 things, so I just took a drive.


V$21,418 + V$1,125 (Weekly Paycheck x1) + $2,100 (Law Consultation Service Payment Received) - V$250 - V$180 - V$135 - V$160 - V$320 - V$200 - V$800 = V$22,598.34

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