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# BigSmoke : Dude, there's one and only one proper reaction over seeing your Supra now. And that is........

You sir, are officially among the legends for this one. Build quality and performance is on par with Soju's Supra, not gonna lie. And as we know it, he's the king of Supras.......say, are you challenging his throne? :))

And as someone who recently attend lots of time attack events, I'd say good luck for your upcoming racing efforts! And have fun at the Nords as well! ;)

I could never come close to Soju's Supra that thing is a whole different breed.

If you have any tips I'd love to hear your feedback.

# Alex876 : I agree with Smoke^
The supra is right up there...great build

Thanks man.

# Sleepin mOnkey : that supra is crazy amazing progress man

She's Rowdy.

Ultimate Whip: Final Flash Part 3

The FC finally graces us with it's presence, in not the way I would have wanted but I'll get let's begin Aye Nick, you ready B?

First off she's done and what do you think sweet right? Inspired by the Item B RX7, Haraguchi and the glorious Twerkstallion I give you my Hotboi FC, still haven't got a name for her eyet but I'll think of something.

Unlike the Supra which was Purpose Built, I kinda slacked off on this one, the car can hit the slides and hold em' I mean shit the angle kit is 60° of diversion so it's got the hardware, also unlike the Supra shit's kinda been cobbled together so we got a Wisefab angle kit upfront with custom knuckles, in back I had to replace the rear subframe, since the orginal started to rust, nothing much was done in the rear besides changing to MAX branded camberlinks and arms, Stiff as hell Whiteline Swaybars, camber arms and HyperFlex polyurethane bushings all around, the usual BC Racing branded coilovers at the lowest settings with the most amount of usable camber possible I mean this thing is slammed the fuck out on some of the hottest Johnnies this side of the South, the Garson Ryugis and some new heat I picked up Evolution INTENSIVE HUNK's, the future is lined in chrome boy's, for those who are just seeing the car after I went missing, Legit BN Sports kit from Mastermind USA and a small minor change I went with another BCL wing.

The engine is way more impressive, now I'm not a Rotary guy in the slightest I wanted to do an LS or SR swap but I wanted to do this for the culture and learn something new in the process, so I'm basically paraphrasing what the mechanic told me, oh and the list of parts he suggested I start with.

Unlike most builds RX7 this uses the 13B-T it came with rather than the latter FD 13B-REW, I told the guy I wanted something different than the usual and he threw this up at me so I went with it.

So we got a:

Street Ported Head, Competition Bearings, ARP Head Studs, (Usual Internals), ELITE ROTARY SHOP Intake manifold, ELITE ROTARY SHOP Billet Fuel rail with Secondary Fuel Rail (6 Injectors in Total), Bosch 1000cc Flex Fuel injectors, NAPREC 100mm Throttle Body, ELITE ROTARY SHOP Throttle body adapter, HKS Blowoff Valve, Garrett GT3076R Turbocharger ELITE ROTARY SHOP Stainless Steel V-Band Turbo Exhaust Manifold TiAL wastegate 4" Dual Straight Pipe to 3" Shotgun Pipes, Custom Piping and a Generic Ebay Intercooler, managed by Haltec Elite ECU sending power to a Racing Beat Lightweight Flywheel, Clutch Masters Twindisk Clutch, Stock 5 Speed Transmission, I never mentioned the car has a high ass compression ratio of (10.5.1).

The car isn't crazy cray for power it's like 435hp @ 345tq given that this thing is light as shit it's loony fucking thing to drive, and it's a surreal moment to see your car rev pass 8k it's fucking Automotive Cocaine.

If someone could help me out with a wrap idea I want to hear it I don't want to leave this car bare to long.

And that's it all 3 parts have been completed and now back to your scheduled programming, back to normalcy after this.


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