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# Holy Shit Man : The one by Nitrous, iirc.

how do you mean the lights don't fit lol?

Added 1 hour 3 minutes later:

Guys, which one do I go with (driver or passanger? RHD!)

Driver(left in picture) is juiced 2
Passanger(Right in picture) is Shift 2

I was originally leaning towards Shift 2, but after looking at lots and lots of IRL pics, I think Juiced 2 is maybe better. Hell I'm even considering using and modifying the original headlights (left)

I used to think Shift 2(geometry here is Shift 2) was perfect, but if you open the pics and switch between them you can see that the shift 2 bumper geometry actually covers the inner part of the headlight, so the Juiced 2/Gt 6 headlights would be more accurate since they are not straight, but tilted down. Thoughts on this?

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