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# BigSmoke : welcome back my man :cheers:
I love the mods on the Cherokee, it blends perfectly! And of course you can never go wrong with modded cams, instant recipe for speed! :D
And also glad you"ve balanced the mods as well by fitting bigger brakes.

And OOOOOOOOH SHIIIIIIIIII the last time I saw the Supra it's still dead and stranded in your garage. Never I do expect it to turn up this savage and handsome :-X :bananajump:

Looking forward to the Supra and FC's build details, should be fun to be discussed and admired over :cheers:

I'm glad to be back.

Well when you have a over 6 litre V8 Hemi you can't go wrong.

You'll love the Supra and you'll love the FC, if this wrap comes out how I want it.

# Soju : Just like Biggie said, the Cherokee and the Supra, as well as the FC does look insane :)

They don't call me Crazy for nothing.

# DFRacing98 : That Jeep is an absolute unit lol, I love it.

She's a mean big girl isn't she.

Yes it is boys, let's begin shall we, this post is exclusively about the Supra.

From a scrap yard hopeful restored to new glory this car has come a long way from looking this:

to this:

A total beast that eats children like the boogeyman, but lets get started on whats been done so far, well everything's been done the only original thing left on this car are the basics: Doors, Trunk and Dashboard, everything was tossed out to make way what was to come.

I do need to mention a few changes, last time you guys saw the car it had a TopSecret Hood and Work Emotion T7Rs, why do I have SSR's and a JUN hood, well I wanted the car to look menacing yet look simple, I like the T7R's but the style wasn't really fitting with the image I wanted this car to be the SSR SP1's wrapped in Lettered R888's are simple but effective in giving the car a race spec look and the Top Secret hood got common imo it's been done to death so why not try something else, I was able to get this hood in a last minute trade I just looked the aggressive look of it so I traded the TS hood for this, not to mention given what I'm planning to do with this, it was the better choice.

Continuing with the exterior you'd notice I basically went full Varis Ridox kit and that glorious Top Secret wing, double vented HID converted headlights
LED tails and the fan favorite Ganadors on the back a TRD catalog TRD badge and trunk clips, oh and those Gill styled vents in the fenders, now they do look odd but they do have a purpose with what I'm doing I'm gonna need a lot of air to cool these big ass Endless brakes and a passage way for the heat to dissipate and helps with aerodyanamics, so these vents are function over form times 1000, finishing up the outside of this thing, Lexan glass, why ? It's lighter than regular glass and saves me weight, downside is I aslo want to be able to drive this thing to meets and just drive, but I wasn't gonna pass inspection with them to get the car back on the road, so I had to revert back to having on the Front Windscreen traditional tempered glass, since this car went full race spec I had to ditch the AC, so you notice those ducts in the quarter windows, nuff said, and lastly the paint I wanted a color that's never seen on a Supra you always see White Red Blue or Black Supras you hardly see Grey ones especially ones painted in a Ford color, this exact gray is off the Focus RS "Stealth Grey", I just love how rich it looks so I why not throw it on, it fits doesn't it.

Interior wise she's basically bare, the only interior pieces remained were the door cards and dash, we got no carpet no roofliner and no sound deadening, the office chair being some bucket Recaros, behind me we got a big boy 20 Gallon fuel tank and for the wheel something simple a early 2000s Sparco Steering wheel, it's not one of those quick release wheels, "yet" I just wanted something comfortable to be impaled on if I do crash this thing.

Lastly the spec sheet now this thing has a lot of parts and it couldn't have been done thanks to the guys who helped me on this, besides doing bodywork amateur wiring I could have never built such a fire breathing beast such as this on my own, the whole engine was built by Real Street Performance back in Cali while me and the boys handled the running gear so lets get to that first, for the Suspension Wisefab rear IRS Driveshaft Shop Level 5 1000hp Axle kitwith Titan's Front Suspension kit, for coilovers, Tein Circuit Master Super Racing, TRD Swaybars, TRD Front Strut Bar, for brakes Stainless Steel brake lines, these massive 358mm Endless High Performance Race Spec front and back, Endless's High Performance Pads and to wrap them together 6 Pot and 4 Bot Calipers front to back respectively with a 60/40 pressure ratio, every bolt used in the under carriage, has been cadium plated no corners has been missed, all though they have been mentioned already to finish this all up, 18x9.5" front 18x10.5" SSR SP1 finished in matte black 245/25R18 Front,275/25R18 Rear Toyo Proxes R888's Tires held together with ARP wheel studs.

The car has been corner balanced and weighs 1345kg which I'd say is a good amount of weight lost given that the car stock would've weighed 1570kg.

And lastly the power unit the legendary 2JZ, what have I done to it, quite a lot actually, the only thing remained was the stock block and after being bored stroked to 3.4l not to mention retained and strengthened even more it's not a stock block anymore, now lets begin, fully built internals, Brian Crower Stroker kit, Billet Crank, Carillo H beam Con Rods and CP Forged Pistons, Titan's stage 3 cylinder head, Brian Crower Springs and Retainers, HKS 264 Cams with these sylish HKS cam gears, Greddy Trust T88H 80mm Turbo HKS Pod Filter, Custom Intercooler Piping with Mishimoto Intercooler, Full Race Header and custom downpipe 4" dual stainless straight pipe with 4" electric cutoff from mid pipe with exhaust, custom intake and AlderSpeed Electric Throttle body Garage Whifbitz fuel rail, ID2000 Fuel Injectors with Dual Bosch High Flow Fuel Pumps with E85 flex Fuel Sensors with stainless steel fuel feed/return hard lines, ARC radiator with Hayden 17" High Performance Radiator Fan, Setrab oil cooler with Electric Steering lifted from the Toyota MRS retrofitted, MoTec M8280 ECU with RyWire custom harness, the Transmission is the stock 5 Speed with new gears and synchros sending the power to a Cusco limited slip diff.

This car has been done up to party and looks like one.

The car was dyno'd here in Atlanta but was tuned wirelessly by the guys at RealStreet and I have to say they do not fuck around, now I'm not going for that 1000hp it's pretty much useless given what I want to do, the car can make it and more but it's capped at 885hp and 917lbft/tq @ 20psi

The car is no joke, side note you're probably wondering why I did dual exhausts instead of the traditional one, besides the added performance element of have extreme amounts of flow I just wanted something different, not to mention the right side has electric baffles twice from the mid pipe to the exhaust exit, really don't want to cause that much of attention the car is loud as hell with one exhaust these photos could convey hearing it with 2.

Now my plans with this behemoth racing I want to get into Time Attack and this was built just for that, the category that this falls under is the STREET MODIFIED category with the hopes on carrying this car to the Nordschleife to next years private track day, however I do plan on going there myself this year there's a Private Day in August and I booked a spot, I'm off to Germany in 2 months for 2 weeks.

Shit's been hectic at work and juggling builds and trying not to go bankrupt is stressful so I could use a vacation but getting to finally drive this car is vacation enough for now.

But i'm not done yet, Part 3 is coming up next then we're back on out bullshit.


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