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# Lagano : Looks like the S2000 will become a proper Club Racer! :D The R34 was a really good deal too, and the G35 wheels look surprisingly good on it!

It will for sure! And thanks for the kind words!!

Added 69 seconds later:

S14 Things

Super brief update to showcase the C-West Front Lip and OEM Rear Skirt I got. A steal because I got it from a fellow S14 friend who is going Vertex. 60,000 JPY (V$600) for the whole set! His car was the exact shade of white too so I didn't have to get it painted.

PLUS, I just got some license plates done for it.

What's so special about the plates? Well uhhh, THEY LIGHT UP AT NIGHT HELL YE

V$18,202.34 - V$600 + V$1,125 (Weekly Paycheck 1x) = V$17,602.34

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