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# Soju : I see some nice goodies :^)

Got more that you ain't seen yet.

# BigSmoke : Yahey you're back! I see some great stuff added to the Jeep already ;)

Glad to be back, yeah the Big Girl got some new thangs on her.

# GoverningNick : Once that FC's done, expect a message from me.

Well she's almost done, I'll be waiting.

After a 3 month hiatus, I'm back on the scene with some new prospects and some long awaited builds by, now this isn't gonna be a detailed update, I'm gonna slowly reveal the goods for some delayed gratification if you catch my drift once those are out of the way I can get back on my usually nutty cash burning, mind wrecking debt stacking grind.

First on the plate, the Jeep, since coming back to Atlanta GA I got a bit carried away and went straight up Dirty South DUB style with the Cherokee, since the trend here is massive wheels on big body whips and suvs, I just had to do it, gotta fit in back home, but come on matte black 21" Forgiato Magalia's and smoked out headlights matched with murdered grill make's this thing look straight up evil, just asking do the roof racks fit? I out them on to help a buddy move some stuff and never took them off since should I keep them on for aesthetic sake ?, and did I mention I lowered her a few inches ? you know I had to do it.

I did do some minor performance mods though, she's still naturally aspirated, I didn't go for blow just yet, all I got were some new longtube headers and a beefier cam for a richer more violent sound,since I am planning to make this thing a literal beast I would need a little bit more stopping power, so I got some bigger brake discs and higher performance brake pads.

There's nothing more to do on this thing for the time being she's "perfecto" as is next is take her to dragstrip and go nuts.

Now, you've seen it in the trailer and it was the last post I did before I disappeared, the A80, she's finally finished boys, the water damaged car is back on the road, sort of:

I'm not gonna indulge on the changes and purpose change in this post cause I want to give every detail in it's own dedicated update, I'm super excited on sharing this build with you guys since it's been a pain to get this thing prepared and ready for what I plan to do with it, cuz it's big.

I'm probably gonna be flamed for using the FC for the title card and not showing it here but she'll be revealed soon. ;)

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