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S15 Things

Shout out to Marcus for telling the whole gang to force me to go low. I finally caved.


Wheel are off, time to adjust dem Tein coils

Looks aight I think

Okay yeah I good get used to this look, will have to see how well it drives though.

Audi A5 Things ft. Life

HELLO I HAVE GREAT NEWS! Thanks to the strings I was able to pull inside court, I won a criminal case I've been filing against the dude who scammed me into paying 2,000,000 JPY for a MK7 Golf GTI which actually was not real. At all.

Fired up the daily and let it warm up for a while.

About 15 minutes did it.

Let's GO

H I G H ~ S P E E D

Google Maps says, "You have reached your destination."

Totally legal parking spot, just don't tell anyone.

YEET your boy is no longer in debt B)

AP1 Things ft. AP2 S2000 CR Parts

My AP2 S2000 CR Parts arrived, courtesy of a friend who works at Honda Orange County! Thanks for the hook-up Caloy!

Before you ask, no CR does not mean Comfort Room, but it DOES mean Club Racer, the top trim level for the USDM S2000 back in mid-late 2000s. Revised aero, a better steering ratio, retuned suspension, and stickier tires were offered on this package, OH a sportier exhaust too. I'll try to complete these goodies as we go on with the build, for now we'll settle on the CR aero.

I was also lucky enough to score a set of Mugen Active Gate System Brakes. Sourced from an FD2 Type R, these provide PHENOMENAL cooling and minimal fade even under extremes. Well worth the 300,000 JPY (V$3,000) imo

Oops impulse buying has got me again. ER34 Things S T A R T !

When Franklin called up the Kami-Sama Team about his ER34 Skyline 25GT Turbo he was getting rid of, I just knew I HAD to jump on it. From what he's shown to us, it's pretty solid. From an exterior perspective, it's still got that OEM Active Red in pristine condition, save for some weathering here and there, but very negligible. Body is purely factory, no GT-R body conversions here, that's a bone stock narrow body rear end. Sports the OEM Optional Altia Aero Front Bumper too, as well as an OEM BNR34 Wing. Originally these were supposed to come with mbDesign Felge LV1.2s, but he discovered that they would fit his V35 EXTREMELY well, hence he put these V35 Skyline 350GT stockies on the car. No problem with, he brought the price down to V$9k, and I have lots of wheels that can go on this baby.

Mandatory new purchase gas station pic!

RB25DET NEO with a GReddy Turbo, mounted to a GReddy Turbo Manifold, along with special GReddy Plumbing that redirects the boost into a GReddy Front Mount Intercooler, and into a GReddy Intake Manifold.

Interior mods are nowhere to be found, unless you count the BNR34 badge on the steering wheel as one.


Drives amazingly well! You can tell that it was well taken care of.

Close to home I decided to figure out how good the LSD was.


But I NEED to my foot on the pedal if I don't want it to open up mid-drift. Haha yes epic Mustang crowd killer moment except it's a Skyline

R34 owners unite!! Where y'all at!? Also R34 MODS SOON!

Also next update I'll be picking up the GRB, just got word that the Kami-Sama cars are already at the docks, just waiting for customs to clear them

-V$1,797.66 + V$20,000 + V$12,000 (Accounting and Law Services Payment Received) - V$3,000 - V$9,000 = V$18,202.34

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