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# RocketBunnyS13 : Congratulations on placing 5th overall! Good show, JOLLY GOOD SHOW! Silver Queen still hasn't lost its edge I see, but of course what is the potential of the car without the driver, solid performance, keep it up!

I see the S15 is going well, I gotta hear that RB sputter in wonderful life in person, lemme drop by soon! I'm keen to take a look at the MS13 in person as well when it's finished, hopefully my RS13U will be done as well so that I can bring it and we can take pictures!

Hehey thank you thank you! :cheers:
I'm glad Silver Queen is still as sprightly as ever, because no matter how fast I am, after all what is a man without his tools :)) A solid connection and relationship is indeed key to success ;)

I can guarantee the S15 now houses a peaceful orchestra of inline 6 turbo. And of course I'm looking forward to your and you RS13U's visit! :cheers:
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