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I'm glad we all had a blast! And yeah, one day you guys will return the favor for sure ;)

Three's a crowd

A week before buying those project cars you've seen a glimpse of, i went to a local Drift school event! I didn't really learn anything new but there was another fun thing to do, teaching people how to drift! Ben was one of the instructors too (well, Benny and also the other Ben that i met at the local drift events), we showed some local guys the basics, followed by several drifting moves and techniques using different track layouts. Some were drifting for the first time, and some already tried it on a few local events. Later they also went for some runs with me in the Mark 2. Yeah, the 86 might be better for this but i wanted to get the feeling of drifting a more stock-ish car, also to match with the learners better. They had some pretty interesting rides too, for example a FB RX7 and a R32 Skyline! One guy even managed to drift a Mazda B2000 truck :)) you can see them in action here! *LINK*

Moving on to our purchases: As some of you have guessed, it's a G35! It has some front end damage but hopefully the suspension and everything else stayed intact. Though i won't complain too much as the whole thing cost only V$400.

Benny got some sick plans for this which he should tell you about eventually, so stay tuned!

Benny also got this idea of daily driving something exotic. As if dailying a JZX90 Mark 2 or a 900HP Chevelle wasn't interesting enough... :)) Regardless of that we both got ourselves something a bit more luxurious on a salvage auction in Texas, because running cars like that are just too expensive. So i got this Porsche 911 Carrera S, a 2006 model with only 54k miles! Like the G35 it suffered a hit in the front, but i'm afraid this one was a bit harder. The hood and bumper were pretty much done for, and the windshield got cracked somehow. Worst case scenario would be that the frame bent and popped the windshield out of place. The car supposedly runs and drives but i doubt that from the looks of it. I'm surprised that the left headlight stayed intact though, well the mounts probably broke but whatever. I already got to searching for parts and found out that they're pretty damn costly. Well, that's the price of having a car from such a high end brand.

And the absolute madman that Benny is got himself a Lambo!!! A 2015 Aventador, to be exact. Now it may look all good from the outside but if it was really like that, this beast wouldn't be in the garage at the moment. The reports say this car was flood damaged, and it can be a nightmare to fix. However Benny did some extensive research on the accident report and found out that the car had gone off road and into the water but wasn't flooded completely. He said the wiring shouldn't have got fried in this kind of accident so hopefully we will get this thing going!

Benny had to let go of the R35 for these 2 exotics but hey, we might both end up with a better car after all!