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Here is a quick glance at the DD, its a 1997 Nissan Cedric! Nothing special or anything, no fancy options or rare items besides of the paint i guess. The car is a OEM VG30E, car has a hair over 149 thousand kms on the clock with all scheduled maintenance preformed. Sitting on PBM Coils 18kF/12kR and T-Demand Uppers on the front and rear, oil pan has been cut and raised, exhaust tucked and routed, GTR Brembo BBK, SSR Vienna Kreis F 18x9.5+30/ 18x10.5+0 R. Yes it isnt really a "DD" but its what ive been working with over the past few months, been working and saving some vs from over the past couple of years and am looking forward to working on some new stuff soon. The cedric needs a change and i need to get something a little more dailyable haha.
Yes its titled and everything, perks of living in florida lmao
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