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Hey guys, back with another update and this one has a lot of relieving news! Yesterday I decided to remove the E60 from the garage and check up on the motor and after a few OBD2 scans I was finally provided info that the major problem with the engine was not what I had expected and it turned out to be a fuel system problem. I then proceeded to the local AutoZone and sourced myself a new fuel rail, injectors and connectors for the ECU harness and proceeded to go ahead and fix all of this today and the results has me ecstatic! I also had some BC racing coilovers ordered and installed them afterwards preparing the car for some new shoes!

I gave the car a few turnovers waiting for the eventual roar of the V10 and after the third press of the button the V10 came roaring to life! I have never been so relieved in my life to know that it wasn't a serious issue and proceeded to let the car warm up and did the unthinkable... I sent it out of the driveway and proceeded to rip her around the city until I eventually arrived back home with a smile going from ear to ear! Took some pics of the process by the way, enjoy!

BC Racing Coilovers and Fuel System Parts:-V$2,500
Bank Account:V$62,370

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