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Thanks for the comments guys!

# BigSmoke : You're making a nice progress, and the wheels blends nicely with the rest of the setup! :thumbsup:

For the engine department I'd say start with cam, ECU and valves tuning first. They're generally cheap and can yield some nice power figure bump easily :D
# Lagano : That's a pretty cool coupe you got, despite those terrible taxes in Singapore i've heard about. Now it looks quite mean with the new suspension and wheels! What kind of engine work will you do though?

Yea Imma probably start with cam, valves, and maybe better intakes and exhaust. ECU and tranny would be possible too.

Added 1 hour 30 minutes later:

Update 3

The Koup has been siting in Lim's workshop for a couple of days already, as Lim needs some time to help me fit and also fabricate parts for the Kia's engine. I've ordered some parts online too, which are coming in later today. In the meantime, I've gone back to using my Dad's Mazda 3 to get around.

On my way to pick up a some packages (car parts!) from the post office headquarters in the CBD area.

My Dad's thinking of giving his Mazda to me. He doesn't drive it around as often anymore, and with its COE coming to an end, he no longer has much reason to keep it with him (he doesn't plan on renewing the certificate either).

Drove back down to the workshop with the stuff I've collected. It was quite early in the morning, and Lim was already there working on the Kia. Love the dedication he has to his work! He had spent the morning optimising the Kia's suspension earlier (stiffening the front shocks, perfecting the alignment etc.)

The koup is now running around 2.4 degrees of camber on the front, 1.9 on the rear. Shocks are also 0.10 lower on the front.

With my packages brought over, work could finally start on the engine.

Amazing 4K image

Lim went straight into pulling off the rocker. I noticed that he had already taken off the stock intake manifold and replaced it with an aftermarket one (He later old me that it was a custom manifold, fabricated from an aftermarket ITB meant for the Honda B-series)

Aftermarket parts are almost impossible to find for the Kia's Theta II engine. I rung up Soju, who was living in South Korea, for help in sourcing an aftermarket camshaft compatible with the Kia's engine. And he did eventually find one :D and got it for me at a cool price of V$800!

After installing the new camshaft, a lighter rocker cover was fitted along with a new Mishimoto radiator. Lim did his work with the valve timings and also fitted a new HKS hi-power exhaust system (which was the only part that was easy to source for)

Later, a guy with a laptop came over to the workshop to help us out with the ECU. It didn't take long for him to upload new software to the Kia, and the perfomance upgrades to the Koup were finally almost done. Lim helped raise the final drive of the transmission before taking it onto the dyno...

V$9140 - V$800(Soju's camshaft) - V$410(ITB) - V$330(rocker) - V$310(radiator) - V$550(HKS exhaust) - V$520(ECU work) - V$150(random other services) + V$415(paycheck oof) = V$6485

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