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I think it's pretty much enough wait to show my new acquisition during few weeks.

11K gave me the info that R33 was on sale on the local community, but I didn't really have interest since most were heavily modded ECR or ENR variants.

But he also mentioned it's the almost stock Series 1 GT-R (not kidding) with 90% of OEM parts still intact. Being almost stock means better potential!

Therefore, I got this thing for V$ 25000, which is not a cheap price, but pretty much a good deal for the GT-R trim with this condition.

The previous owner didn't bother to even change at least something inside, even the steering wheel or the shifter knob.

I was really impressed, that it showed a typical "daily car" wear and nothing was broken, missing or non-functional.

The odometer was reaching almost 170,000km. It's pretty much a high mileage car but at least it's better than a museum showroom condition car.

If it was like that, I couldn't even try modifying it.

The overall exterior was in pretty nice shape and the paint was okay.

Considering the age of this car, most of the plastic and rubber bits are still alive.

The cracked and hardened rubber will be replaced as soon as the parts arrive.

It's the color coded QM1 white model, and the wheels were retrofitted with the R32 GT-R V-Spec wheels instead of the R33 stockies.

R33 ones look pretty good but this OEM BBS fits really well, and it's the pretty hard to find OEM parts!

The R33 was still not registered and it took some time to get the plates because of the ambiguity of the imports.

Several imports were found as stolen on their original homeland and eventually reported as stolen vehicles.

Luckily this wasn't the case and it has clean title.

Few days later, I could finally get the legal documentation and the license plate for the R33 and was able to register it to a insurance company.

As a small beginning, I cleaned up the interior of the car to get rid of the dust and the "old" scent that the R33 had.

I took R33 for a short drive after, and the car really felt like a proper daily actually. But probably this will be another highway build after all.