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Hey guys welcome to my roleplay thread
Im quite new to this, some pointers occasionally would be helpful thanks!

Hi guys, I go by the nickname of Hako, and I live in Singapore, a terrible place to be a car enthusiast in

I've been a car lover since young, and now that I'm at a ripe age of 21 I can finally buy my first car. Although many things such as taxes and lack of decent driving roads are sometimes bothersome to a local owner, it is strong passion that keeps us enthusiasts going, and I am proud to be part of such a community! Buying whatever I can afford while paying up my student loans, I'm hoping to take part in some meets or track days/autocross along the way.

Right now I'm currently driving my dad's old Mazda, but am going to pick up my new (2nd hand) ride soon

Here at the dealer, guess what I've picked up...

$V20000 - $7900 = $12100

Added 38 minutes later:

Just gonna drop it now, here's what I've picked up

You're probably wondering why such a shitbox costs so damn much ($V7900). In where I live, we have something called a Certificate of Entitlement that acts as an extra tax, over the original price and original taxes of the car depending on engine cap.

These taxes can add up to nearly twice the original price of the car. Also, the certificate has to renewed every 10 years at an extra cost otherwise your car has to sold or scrapped.

Feeling really good to be in a ride I finally properly own. 156BHP isn't much but I feel like I'll still grow to like this car. The Kia Koup is a popular choice of ride here, and it's hard to find a 2.0 model left unmolested, like this one.

Or at least I thought it was unmolested. The car was stock apart from a terrible wrap, but some inspection after driving it home to my apartment's carpark proved otherwise. This car had aftermarket suspension arms, but was suspiciously coupled with stock shocks/springs and wheels. Couple of scrapes on the underside of the front bumper and sideskirts can only mean this once was a sceneboi stancecar, but had been de-tuned for selling. Hopefully this isn't too bad of an omen, and everything else in the car is working fine...Reasons why you shouldn't purchase cars off Carousell.

Immediately took the Koup to a local spray shop to try and get at least the body fixed

Peeling off the wrap revealed a rather bland White, so I had it sprayed in Metallic grey (which is still kinda dull but not really)

Plans now are to get some wheels and coilovers. Going for an entry-level track car cum daily build, rather than go back to its original stance car purpose.

$V12100 - $V490 = $V11610

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