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# Sleepin mOnkey : this guy shreding the stockie life
hahahah yes stockies on most of my cars!!
# Lagano : Hey don't mod that 180 too much, ok?! Well i do like the R32 wheels on it, even better OEM+ look than the infamous R33 wheels lol. And it looks like the G35 shreds very well, i see quite a lot of angle there! 2JZ was pretty much perfect for a drift machine.
mmmm i'll try my best not to! they're temporary though i'm not sure if i like them much on this car. The V35 skids really well for a big car, feels like a less nimble version of my old Nismo Z33 but its got plenty of angle! The 2JZ is forever my favorite big power instant torque motor.
# Alex876 : The G35 is amazing,i cant wait for my jz to be done
me neither! do it up man.
# BigSmoke : The 180SX and Y33 looks so handsome that way I should say, keep it up! :D
thank you good sir!!!


The Supra got a set of new wheels. Advan Model T6 for the Orido look and Chargespeed eyelids. This car is so good now, I can't wait to hit the touge with this machine, once I get the new diff in with shorter gears.


First and foremost, the upgrades - picked up a D-Max roof wing and R34 GT-R brakes for cheap from R-Style, from my boy Lennart.

Then I met up with Adrianne (RocketBunnyS13) there and we went on a nice drive. Photos of our cars together at R-Style are on his page, go check it out!

Everyone go bomb this man's page and tell him to lower his car cause goddamn it looks like a monster truck next to mine! great choice with the Uras aero though.

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