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So I finally got back home from the meet with the boys and I was happy to finally get back home and enjoy the sight of all the BMW's I have accumulated these past 2 months! I ordered myself a clean carbon lip for the front end and 18x9 and 18x10 Volk RE-30's which currently fit my Toyo R888's that are on my CR-Kais so I went to my buddies place and got the old wheels taken off and tires removed and fitted to the RE30's and installed my lip in the meantime while I was there, on my way back I went to sell the CR-Kais to some local with an E46 he was modifying and then drove back home and took some pics of all my cars! Hopefully in the next update we'll be getting TONS of power upgrades in and make this thing a capable street car along with checking out the motor in the E60! Hope you all enjoy the pics from today!

Food/Drinks/Gas/Admission for trip:-V$500
Carbon Lip:-V$650
18x9 | 18x10 Volk RE30's:-V$2,200
Sale of Work Emotion CR-Kais:+V$1,000
3x Paychecks:+V$2,820
Bank Account:V$63,930